White grape/peach juice a good candidate for dilution

Rachel's juice selection tip saves money and cuts sugar:

I try not to give my children much juice, but they do get some daily. I've found it more cost-effective if I buy any brand of white grape-peach juice. The peach is a strong enough flavor that you can dilute it a lot and still have a nice flavor. Instead of my usual 50/50, I can go to 75/25! The juice lasts much longer and my children are getting fewer empty calories.

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  1. Mrs. CPA says

    According to my dentist, white grape juice is much better for kids’ teeth too. It doesn’t have the acidity of apple juice.

  2. Megan says

    It is also better for kids with sensitive bottoms. It doesn’t matter how much I dilute apple juice, my 1.5 year old ALWAYS gets a diaper rash from it (but not from raw apples or applesauce, oddly enough). So I switched to white grape juice, and have had no problems.

  3. Kasie says

    Ask any doctor and they will tell you that no one under 5 should consume apple juice, it causes, among other things, digestive problems.

  4. Meggs says

    Its much easier on their tummy too! Pear juice is also easier on kids stomachs than prune juice. Kids know no difference with watered down and it reduces their calories. What they don’t know won’t hurt them!

  5. Craftykimmy says

    According to my son’s doctors, any “P” juice is also great for constipation, something we have struggled with since the beginning.