07 October 2008

What's your parenting superpower? Talk amongst yourselves.

In response to my fawning over the brilliance of Parenthackers, star PHer Jill from Atlanta emailed me this:

Parenthackers are the smartest people in the world - all of us are SuperParents! After my older son read The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy we found that almost everyone we know has a super power. Parents especially! For example, today I am a SuperMom because I got little brother to nap even though Big Brother has a playdate.

Jill suggested we all share our Superpowers, which I think is fantastic for two reasons:

  • It's a fun counterpoint to all the Supermom discussions going on around Sarah Palin's candidacy (including these smart comments by Parent Hacks readers)
  • How often do we get to toot our own horns (let alone hear them tooted by someone else)?

So. Don't be modest. Tell us your parenting superpower. I'll chose one Superhero at random who will win a Get Buttoned Up care package including a Life.doc organizing binder and three nifty list pads: CatchUp.pad (for managing ships-passing-in-the-night syndrome with your partner), KidPack.pad (for remembering what to have on hand during the typical busy school day), and BabyPack.pad (for ALL THAT BABY GEAR YOU HAVE TO SCHLEP).

My superpower: Maintaining a calm demeanor in the face of juvenile explosion. Usually.

What's yours?

I'll choose a winner on Wednesday evening 10/8 in the 8pm PST range. Have fun!

Your comments

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My superpower is being able to take a 9 month old and a 2 1/2 year old to a restaurant, without my husband, and have everyone happy, fed and well behaved.

My superpower - I have superhuman patience, but only where my daughter is concerned.

My superpower is super hearing. I can hear noises from across the house and be able to not only identify what it is, but which kid is doing it.

My Parenting Superpower is to love and care for my daughter without any expectations around who she should be, what she should be capable of, or what she will become. My job is to simply to be there and help her through her own decisions, her own interests, and her own loves.

(I just saw your tweet :) ).

Wild you were looking for this; I wrote about it today--"seeing" invisible monsters.



Somehow or another, I have developed enough superpowers to have two amazing, magical children. I have no idea what these superpowers are, but I'm sure my kiddos will continue to show me over the years.

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