What’s your parenting superpower? Talk amongst yourselves.

In response to my fawning over the brilliance of Parenthackers, star PHer Jill from Atlanta emailed me this:

Parenthackers are the smartest people in the world – all of us are SuperParents! After my older son read The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy we found that almost everyone we know has a super power. Parents especially! For example, today I am a SuperMom because I got little brother to nap even though Big Brother has a playdate.

Jill suggested we all share our Superpowers, which I think is fantastic for two reasons:

  • It’s a fun counterpoint to all the Supermom discussions going on around Sarah Palin’s candidacy (including these smart comments by Parent Hacks readers)
  • How often do we get to toot our own horns (let alone hear them tooted by someone else)?

So. Don’t be modest. Tell us your parenting superpower. I’ll chose one Superhero at random who will win a Get Buttoned Up care package including a Life.doc organizing binder and three nifty list pads: CatchUp.pad (for managing ships-passing-in-the-night syndrome with your partner), KidPack.pad (for remembering what to have on hand during the typical busy school day), and BabyPack.pad (for ALL THAT BABY GEAR YOU HAVE TO SCHLEP).

My superpower: Maintaining a calm demeanor in the face of juvenile explosion. Usually.

What’s yours?

I’ll choose a winner on Wednesday evening 10/8 in the 8pm PST range. Have fun!


  1. Laura says

    My parenting superpower is that after having triplet girls in 2000, I am still able to keep myself semi-sane and coordinate a local and a national support group for other mothers of higher order multiples. I also have a super-secret parenting power – I am a nanny to 2 other sets of triplets that are 2 and almost 2. This way I get the cuddles and fun (and paycheck!) and can still be home with my girls before and after school! It’s a win-win!

  2. Martha says

    My super power is getting vegetables, including kale and spinach, into my 3 year old. He knows they’re there, and he loves it! He calls them super foods and says they’ll make him grow big and strong:-)

  3. says

    Asha, while I also have a similar superpower to yours (keeping calm in the face of a toddler tantrum), I think my main superpower is the ability to have separate, full conversations with my toddler and my husband at the same time.

  4. says

    My superpower is finding things. I have had this superpower since before I became a parent, but it is even more important with a four year old in the house.

    I acquired my superpower genetically, because my mother had the same one. When I became a teen (hit puberty, like most super heroes) my mother passed it on to me, in exasperation for my inability to see things right in front of me.

    Sometimes my super power is a burden. I have an ache in my heart until I find the lost item. And sometimes I have to leave whatever I am doing to answer the call of the distressed, which isn’t always convenient. But with great power comes great responsibility, right?

  5. MorahLaura says

    My superpower is being able to nurse my 1-month-old, carry my 18-month-old and “snuggle” my 5-yr-old all at the same time, and often in the middle of the night.

    If you’d asked me 2 months ago if I thought I could do that, I would definitely have said “No!”

  6. Lisa J. says

    I think my “superpower” came when my son (now 2) was first born. Sadly, I buried my sweet Mama when I was 6 months pregnant, moved 4 hours away from “home” at 7 months, gave birth 2 weeks early, and moved from our temporary apartment to our house when he was 4 months old. The amazing part? I kept my sanity! Whew! I don’t even know how I did it!

  7. Judy says

    My superpower is getting 4 kids off to 4 different schools each morning…and usually on time!! Dun Dun DUN!

  8. says

    My superpower is being able to turn toddler screams into toddler laughter. I’m not even sure how I do it…it’s a combination of tickling and bad dancing.

  9. Elizabeth says

    I’m a SuperFeeder. I can talk my kid into eating just about anything.

    It meshes well with my husband’s SuperSleeper ability. He can get the kid to sleep quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

  10. Beth B. says

    My superpower is eyes in the back of my head – at least that’s what I’ve convinced my 5-year old of…. but its not everyone; just Mommies have eyes in the back of their heads. Keeps him on track when I have my back turned :-)

  11. Ticia says

    I have the amazing super ability to remain relatively calm and vaguely organized in the face of 3 guys three and under and still actually volunteer at church and host a weekly small group. Amazingly heroic cleaning occurs once a week.

  12. says

    Not being like my Dad to my children. (He had an unpredictable, explosive temper that scared me throughout my childhood)

  13. Sarah C says

    My superpower is finding things in Aubrey’s poop to make sure they’ve passed. I guess kids have superpowers, too…and hers would be finding anything on the ground that mom somehow overlooked, no matter how miniscule, and swallowing them happily.

  14. Ilene says

    My Superpower is SuperMemory! I remember just about everything: where THAT blue shirt is, what time the bus comes, which kids eat what, the name of the character in kid 1’s favorite book. Very helpful Superpower.

  15. says

    My super power is coming up with something to bake when a 4 year old asks even if there is very little baking items in the pantry. Oh and it still turns out delicious when the 4 year old and 2 year old help by dumping 1/2 the ingredients outside of the bowl.

  16. Nicole says

    My superpower is getting home from work, supper made, kids fed, baths done, housework & laundry started and kids to bed. While still playing tractors with the toddler and snuggling with the newborn. Apparently I make it look easy because my husband works 2 full time jobs (power plant and farm).

  17. says

    My superpower is getting my now 10 month old to sit through a book. We’ve been reading together since he was a couple months old. Such a sweet snuggly time.

  18. says

    My superpower: Attaching two kids adopted from Russia as preschoolers. My Super Mouth enabled me to learn enough Russian to communicate with them; my Super Long Years of Therapy taught me patience and the ability to analyze the causes of emotional chaos. Both kids are doing phenomenally well now, 22 months home–and yes, my Super Husband and I are still married.

  19. Christina says

    I have superhearing. My family is amazed. I can hear a baby cry down the street and know if it is a hungry cry, a bored cry, an I need a bottle now cry. I can also “hear” my toddlers thinking about pulling that chair up to the cookie cabinet and they are seriously starting to be freaked out by how quickly I can intervene. I tell them that when you have kids you get superhearing and sight!

  20. Daffodil says

    What a fun topic — it’s nice to appreciate other parents (and feel appreciated myself!).

    My super power is singing, sweet or silly. I’m no great vocal talent, but I know a LOT of songs, and I am also good at making up songs about what we are doing. (I have even made up songs about changing poopy diapers!) And I can throw in low notes and high notes and silly operatic vibrato notes and duck sounds and whatever else is called for. It’s extremely rare for my son to stay in a bad mood when I start singing to him.

  21. Katy says

    My superpower is working full-time and taking my son to different therapies two afternoons a week, as well as doing my own sessions with him on the days off. And, for the most part, loving every minute of it!

  22. says

    My superpower is the ability to plan far, far in advance, like all the way past dinner! I can bring everything I need to take 3 kids (1 of whom is diabetic) from school to aquatherapy (for 1), to flu shots (for 2), to soccer/football (for all 3), to dinner and still have all the entertainments/forms filled out/shin guards I need!

  23. says

    My “superpower” is the ability to hear what my toddler is doing in another room (and respond) while having an adult conversation with someone else. Doesn’t bother me, though I can’t speak for my friends….

  24. says

    I can transform into Silly Mommy in the blink of an eye. At the grocery store, in the car, at the bank, whenever cries are heard, Silly Mommy appears! She dances, she sings, she cavorts! Whatever it takes to keep my little guy entertained!

  25. says

    Love this… My superpower is being able to parallel park in the teeniest tiniest spaces here in Brooklyn, with a toddler and baby screaming in the backseat… in no more than 3 moves.

  26. says

    I am super sleep-deprivation mommy! Between my first kid who woke up every 20 minutes as a baby, to my second, who seems to need his 2 am wakeup wail, I think I’ve been averaging 5 hours/night for 5 years.

    And yet I can handle two kids, a full-time job, a hobby, and a husband who travels for business.

    (Of course, I’m the opposite of super house-cleaning mommy, whose help I could sure use.)

  27. Vivian says

    What amazing super parents. It is great to read about everyone’s amazing talents. I think my super hero talent is still in it’s juvenile stages because I only have one amazing 13 month old and she has not yet tested my talent. I am thinking that it may be super hearing but for now my SUPER talent appears to be dormant.

  28. Caitlin says

    …able to nurse the baby, play a board game with the 4 year old and help the 8 yer old with homework.
    …able to drive the kids to school, play I-spy with the 4 year old and keep the music “cool” for the 8 year old.
    ….able to push the baby on the swings at the park, give the 4 year old “underdogs” and keep my eye on the 8 year old 1/4 away up a tree.

  29. says

    My superpower is the ability to get two kids, ages 3.5 and 18 months, to sleep by 7:30pm (and they sleep almost 12 hours). It’s the norm at our house but many of our friends seem to think it is an unusual skill.

    Kid-free time in the evening = happy parents too.

  30. Alsymer says

    My super power is the ability to hold multiple overlapping conversations at once with each of my 7 kids … somehow I manage to know who is talking and how it relates to each of the separate threads of dialogue I’m weaving together.

    My friends and family think it’s insane, but I find it thoroughly entertaining. :D

  31. says

    I’m so pleased to have inherited my mother’s superpower: the hairy eyeball of death. With a single steely glare I can get my four and six year old boys to desist from whatever mischief they happen to be up to. Too bad the baby seems immune!

  32. says

    My superpower is the ability to raise a healthy and happy son (who was born seven weeks early) on my own while his dad was away at work and both our families thousands of miles away. He is now nine months old, crawling, babbling, loves a variety of fruits and veggies, and always ready to give everyone a big smile.

  33. Dallas says

    You know those times when it gets REALLY quiet in the room where you last saw your toddler?

    My superpower is knowing EXACTLY what that child is doing. For example, earlier today it got quiet and I knew, without looking, that the child was just about to eat dog food.

    My other superpower, super-speed, prevented that from happening…

  34. says

    I’m 43 years old, a stay-at-home mom and has a little girl who turns 3 this year. My superpower was that I breastfed her for 2 years!

    I cherished the time I had her lying down around my arms so close and felt the warmth of her lips as well as her tiny hands rubbing my belly so softly.

    I could never forget the way she demanded to have her feeding ritual. She wouldn’t say a word (she’s still around 1 year old), but simply walked into the bedroom with her eyes staring at me plus a little smile on her face!

    As a result, I naturally became a more responsive mother than I had been before. I breastfed my two older children for a much shorter period, that’s why I really knew the difference.

  35. sarah says

    My superpower is entertaining and caring for my two and half year old son full time from my spot on the couch. I’m three months pregnant and on bedrest. Wish me luck!

  36. says

    I took a random poll of the other adult living in the house and he declares my parenting superpower to be TEACHING MANNERS. Incidentally, his superpower is MOOD REVERSAL because he can always make a dour toddler happy.

  37. says

    I have a knack at de-escalating tantrums quickly. Just yesterday both kids were melting down simultaneously and I managed to calm both kids down very fast.

  38. Kelly says

    Today my superpower is being able to catch my 10 month old as she (repeatedly) races across the floor towards the phone to ‘baby dial’ whomever i’ve called last!

  39. says

    My SuperPower is helping the kids adjust to Dad taking on a second job, and keeping the chores completed so that when he *is* home, he can have uninterrupted time with the kiddos.

    *straightens cape*

  40. says

    My superpower is creating laughter out of thin air. I used to be an actress and comedienne and have no boundaries as far as acting silly and making a complete ass out of myself to get a laugh.

  41. Tom says

    Two words: Diaper. Ninja.

    (Diaper Ninja completes stealthy changes under cover of complete darkness without waking baby or mama. Though perhaps the real superpower is how THEY sleep through the smell of poo.)

  42. says

    I believe my superpower is to come up with different ways to make it easier for my kids (and me). When my 2 girls were potty training, I added a stand-alone toilet paper holder in our bathroom so they can reach it easily.

  43. says

    Patience. I have patience of a saint, and my wife agrees.

    And no fear of sticking my hands into a messy situation. If you’ve ever rebuilt the rear end of a rear wheel drive car, you know there’s no worse smell than rear end grease. Makes diapers and vomit smell like flowers.

  44. betsy says

    The eyes at the back of the head is one superpower I have, but I think I’m overlooking my true superpower – ignoring a crying child at night while my husband is in bed! He is soooo much better in the middle of the night than I am. That keeps me able to administer all my super abilities during the day.

  45. Jamie says

    Unfortunately, my superpower isn’t such a fun one, but is related to a sad event. My superpower is that I managed to help my four year old son through the grief of his grandmother’s passing a few months ago, while I worked through my own grief. I was super accessible to him, super honest about my feelings and his feelings, answered all of his questions about death in the most appropriate way possible, and we got through it together as a team. It was my best “super parent” moment to date– especially as I see my son thriving with no lasting consequences from something that no little one should have to experience.

  46. says

    My super power is being strong in front of my kids and not letting them see how distressed I am.

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Because I want her to be strong and unaffected (as much as she can be), I have to be strong and unaffected.

    This weekend my husband met another father of a diabetic child, a man who I met a month ago.

    He told my husband that I was still very shell-shocked when I met him. (That was being nice. I actually bawled and couldn’t form a complete sentence.)

    My husband said, “Really? Because she always seems to have it together at home.”

    All outward appearances. Children shouldn’t have to see their parents hurting.

    (Oh, and we all wore capes for our diabetes walk this past weekend because our daughter is a true super hero!)

  47. says

    My parenting superpower is that I’m really good at getting babies to fall asleep. I assumed my powers would not work on my own children, but so far, it has.

  48. Darcy says

    My superpower: giving nebulizer treatments (for asthma) without waking the baby. Normally, he screams and fights through the whole thing. But applied just so, he has no idea that he’s left the crib, gotten some meds, and been returned.

  49. Maura says

    My superpower is potty training. After training many children as a toddler teacher, I was able to train my twins in no time flat. Or maybe I just got lucky. The world may never know.

    I also have a super ability to find lost items. I have been known to jump out of bed in the middle of the night and “find” something that has been lost for days.

  50. Teresa says

    I can (whether I want to or not) wake up right before one of the kids wakes up. Even if they end up going back to sleep. Ugh.

  51. says

    Oh, I’ve read so many wonderful super powers! Alli, I think I agree with you on my super power…the ability to find whatever is lost. I must say, though, this is not a Super Parent Power…it’s a super SPOUSE power. :)

    My super parent power would be the ability to ignore a tantrum until the 3 year old is calm enough to talk to me. Plus, he calms down faster if I leave him alone.

  52. says

    My superpower is that I have a Stomach of Steel. I never threw up during my three pregnancies and to this day only vomit when approached by my nemesis (my in-laws, strangely enough. I inevitably get a stomach virus when I see them which is only once or twice a year). I can clean up my children’s vomit and diarrhea without flinching, gagging, or throwing up.

  53. says

    My superpower is getting both of my children to nap at the same time. (Or, at least getting the 3yr old to stay in her room while the baby naps!)

    My other power is keeping babies alive WITH MY BOOBS. (It really is amazing, isn’t it?)

  54. says

    I let my 3 and 1 year old daughters paper mache in the house! Not on the carpet, of course, but on a floor I could mop. We covered balloons this morning…good heavens what a mess. If you do the crime, you must do the time. I don’t even mind cleaning up after our “art studio” time. Just watching the girls discover and try new things makes the mopping and extra baths worth it!

    Loving this website, Lori (Mommy to Sara & Kelly)

  55. Michelle says

    My superpower is centered around my Super Bag!

    I have the uncanny ability to store a plethora of items in my bag to calm/entertain/heal my two boys. It’s not a big carpet bag a la Mary Poppins…no, that would give me away. Inside it’s small pockets are diapers, wipes, snacks, bandaids, first aid creme, chapstick, gum, wallet, lipstick and every receipt over obtained. I am the envy of other moms and the embarrasment of my family. Sigh, what a burden.

    But I hold strong in the knowledge that I carry a bag that holds the secrets of the universe!! (queue triumphant music)

  56. says

    Keeping track of the miniscual details of my husband and daughter’s lives (and calendars) while balancing our home schedule and my own full time job schedule and details.. Whew! I never thought my brain could keep track of four calendars at once!

  57. HeatherChristine says

    My superpower is raising six of the the most unpicky eaters I know. Every one of my children loves all kinds of vegetables, and they are always game for giving new foods an honest try. This was harder for some of the kids than others, but so far it’s worked for all of them.

  58. Harmzie says

    I have laser vision, a steely glare that can: (1) get a lazy questioner answer their own question: “where are my shoooooooooes???…. uh… maybe I’ll try the last place I took them off and… Hey! look!” (2) stop a 6-year-old in her tracks “ah, yes. I was supposed to be putting on my pjs” (3) make a 3-year-old put that down (sometimes – it often has to be accompanied with “ah,ah,ah!”)

    Oldest has the counter-power of Aspergers. Much non-verbal communication is lost on her. Curses! Foiled again! :-) (I’ve got other tricks for her…)

    …and I think I just fell in love with Diaper Ninja… :-) Nothing sexier than a stealth-poo-dispatcher (at least at this stage in my life [sigh])

  59. Kari says

    My superpower is remaining sane through my son’s medical issues. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to.

  60. says

    I love all the superpowers. I considered, and discarded, powers like “making desserts without sugar that a six-year-old loves” and “knowing all the vocabulary words in the entire seven volumes of the ‘Chronicles of Narnia.'” I think my real superpower is calmness in the face of sure death and destruction. with three little boys, I manage to smile admiringly when Everett stands on the crossbar of his bike while going *downhill*, while Truman climbs ever higher in the enormous plum tree out back, and while Monroe stands happily on the kitchen counter, where he’s just climbed (at 15 months) so he could get a fistful of sharp knives. I manage to react without histrionics when Truman decides to “help” with high-heat sauteing, or Everett decides to let his little brother ride on the bike with him. I can walk into a room after a loud crash and take a deep breath and say, “oh, that’s disappointing that my favorite bowl just broke and now the bread dough is ruined.”

    that, and the superpower to tell my story.

  61. Lauren says

    My two most useful superpowers:

    SUPER PACKING. The ability to fit everything the whole family needs for a cross-country trip into suitcases that mommy and daddy can roll/carry while managing an infant and a toddler (airline luggage restrictions? no problem!)

    RE-NAMING. You don’t want to put on these pants? Did you know that they are Astronaut Pants? Are you sure you don’t want any more peas? These are Special Big Girl Peas. This super power may not work forever but for my two-year-old it’s surprisingly effective.

  62. says

    I’m gonna be Superhero Sewing Mom sometime before Halloween, because I scored some terrific fabric for the kidlet’s costume.

  63. Christel says

    My superpower is my ability to communicate with my kids: my 3 year old daughter, who is very talkative and has a great memory but tends to operate with a string of non-sequitors that I somehow manage to make sense out of since luckily I have a great memory too, and my 20 month old speech delayed son, with whom every day is another round of charades as we figure out how to keep each other happy.

  64. says

    My parenting super-power is that I make super cute lunches for my kid. Now if only his super-power was that he ate them…

  65. Mamabee says

    My superpowers are:

    I always know what is for dinner at our house.

    I know where everything is.

    Everyone always has clean underwear and socks in their drawer.

  66. says

    My suuperpower is finding toys and making up games no matter where we are. It’s amazing how mouch more appealing say a rock and a bench are when I unleash my powers!

  67. Christy says

    Well, I sure wish supercleaning or super-patience were my superpowers, but alas I am still working on those. I think my superpower is the ability to create castles, ponies, and princesses out of old diaper boxes, some scissors and tape. Having a cache of sparkling accessories in my superhero toolbelt helps, too.

  68. joyjoy says

    my newly-discovered superpower is the ability to slow down, live life at my baby’s pace, and love every minute of it. before she was born, i didn’t think this was going to be possible for type A me, but i just love being with her, hanging out and letting life go by. (of course, if someday i unexpectedly disappear, my husband should probably check under the himalayas of dirty laundry now lurking in my closet…) just call me supermama and hear me roar!

  69. jean says

    I am Super Entertainer! Waiting in line, in blizzard tradeic for 3 hours, or all night at the ER with another kid? Let’s play a game! With that kleenex, those rocks, or the radio.I use this power to keep our tv off during kids-awake hours. Seven years and no screen time necessary.

  70. kirsten says

    I think that the only thing I could even think of as a superpower is that I recently figured out that if I get my 24 month old to stop and wave “goodbye” then, I can easily and painlessly redirect her. Just today, this stopped her from chasing after a couple dogs, seagulls and pitching a fit when her aunt and uncle had to leave. Whoo!

  71. Kara says

    I can’t claim much in the way of superpowers except that I can lactate like nobody’s business!

  72. Karen the Californian says

    My superpower is managing to get healthy foods (homemade, minimally processed, no candy/cookies/chips) into my family’s tummies on a regular basis. We don’t keep soda at home, the only candy we have is a small bowlful from Halloween, and my kids love them some fruit! My kids also know not to ask for candy on weekdays. (Guess that’s my kids’ superpower, not mine, huh?)

  73. han says

    My SuperPower is Hyper Focus. I can zero in on what my daughter is saying or what my other daughter is doing and let everything else (the laundry, the messy living room, the To Do list from hell, the husband waiting in the car, the un-dumped potty…) fade into the distance. I really SEE my girls when my HyperFocus is on. I hear them, I see them, I bask in them. I don’t rush, I am completely accessible to them, I play peek-a-boo or taste play-dough cookies and let them “have” Mommy without rushing off to do something that urgently needs to be done. I am totally present.

    This SuperPower can be somewhat draining, and I don’t use it 24/7!!

  74. han says

    oops!!! Second post — sorry. I do have one other SuperPower.

    SUPER WORRY power.

    I worry about stuff so random and out there that it never happens. It doesn’t happen because I have nullified it with my Super Worry power. I think this is standard for all SuperParents though, right?


  75. says

    I would rate my superpower as the ability to know just enough about anything to explain it to the satisfaction of an almost-six-year-old (or to get myself into trouble with anyone much older than this!).

    Just call me Wondermommy, mother of JosieCat, The Blue Fox, and Adelaidybug.

  76. says

    I’m another with the superpower of finding anything. I don’t know what it is about males but they can’t see things in front of their faces, my husband included. But even things that are not obvious, I can find.

    I’m also able to wheedle my toddler into eating foods he refuses. He will not be a picky eater…he will not be a picky eater… he will not be a picky eater…

    My husband’s superpower is the ability to fall asleep anywhere in less than 3 seconds. I don’t think that’s much help in parenting though…

  77. Andrea says

    I have the superpower of being able to convince one daughter to be happy for her twin sister (4 year olds) when her sister was chosen to be the leader at preschool today. Having seen this coming when I learned of the daily practice last month, we talked about the day to come when one would be chosen and the other not. Not a tear was shed and instead she helped tell about her sister’s exploits as the special person for the day…all with a smile and all with the anticipation for the day she will be chosen! Yeah–prepping kids for what to come works!!

  78. Ashley says

    My superpower is to get my 3 year old to do everything as fast as she can if I just count. She loves it and cleans, eat, gets dressed at super toddler speeds.

    On your mark, get set, GO!

  79. Shauna says

    My superpower is staying incredibly organized for all-things-baby, when I have no organization in other parts of my life.

  80. Monique B says

    My superpower is raising two children to be happy and to feel loved, despite dad being deployed to Iraq 3 times since 2002. Amazingly, my children have learned that it’s okay to miss daddy, but they have learned to carry on without him. Dad has missed numerous birthdays and holidays, but we have managed to find ways to include him from afar & help the kids know that they are loved. And when dad comes home, it’s like he never left.

  81. Cat says

    My superpower is the ability to draw almost anything with stick figures to illustrate for the non-reading set.
    The side effect is a remarkable ability to create recognizable, freehand cut-outs for felt boards.

  82. Paula says

    My super power is saving energy. I am continually reminding my kids(and DH) to turn off lights and electronics. Sooner or later they’ll get it, when you leave a room turn off the light!

    I also took a poll, my 4 year old says I’m super nice and my 6 year old says I’m a super cook. When I asked my 3 year old he just started telling me a superhero story.

  83. Johnna says

    I share han’s SUPER WORRY power. I try to keep it on the down low, though, since I’m trying not to pass that along to the little one. I’m more than happy to share my Super Finder power with her, though.

  84. Christy Pair says

    My parenting super power is a little gross. It does come in handy tho- my hubby passed out when I was in labor so it is not his thing. I can handle bodily fluids without a problem. Whether they are on me, on them, on the floor- it does not bother me to deal with it. Must be those 9 years as a first grade teacher.

  85. Melanie says

    I am not afraid of poop or vomit on my body, clothes, etc. It makes dealing with the most difficult of times that much easier. Most other moms can probably agree but Hubby thinks it is a superpower :-)

  86. Sue says

    My superpower is that I am a Solution Person–I am able to focus my kids on finding a solution (and have helped them become creative problems solvers). And I am great at coming up with flexible solutions to problems. E.g. my 5.5-year-old daughter who was fully toilet trained was having trouble with pee accidents. First, under pediatrician advice, we did a sticker chart for “try” and “dry” each day. Since she was reluctant to talk about it, I added a box for “talk” which she’d get a sticker for too. The “talking” soon produced the fact that she doesn’t want to use the toilet b/c she doesn’t want to stop doing something fun. So we came up with the idea that she can sit on the toilet and think up a make-believe animal to tell me about later. She loves this! Today (her second dry day in a row) was “bearpakoo”–person’s head, bear top half, kangaroo bottom half. She feels very proud and we both feel like we’re on a roll.

  87. Stephanie Skordas says

    My superpower is the ability to make a Halloween costume in the blink of an eye. And I mean a cute one! I’ve made:
    Pink Kitty
    Pink Unicorn
    Pirate girl
    Hermione Granger and this year:
    Punk Rocker!

  88. Maria says

    My superpower is reading aloud, too. I started reading books to Mio when he was 3 months old and he simply loves books.

  89. Bayam says

    I have a very curious 13-month-old, so today’s superpower is knowing when she is about to put something she shouldn’t into her mouth.

  90. Megan says

    My superpower is balancing life with my personal kids, and life with my father-in-law (who moved in 2 weeks before my son was born, and still acts like a child). I’ve had my patience grow by leaps and bounds, and I’ve found all sorts of creative ways/reasons/excuses to get out of the house with the kids!

  91. says

    My superpower plays right into the hands of my arch nemesis: the sleeping baby. Her superpower is super sleeptime hearing. My superpower is the ability to step on every creaky board in the hallway outside her bedroom.

  92. Leslie says

    My superpower is being able to take a 9 month old and a 2 1/2 year old to a restaurant, without my husband, and have everyone happy, fed and well behaved.

  93. says

    My superpower is super hearing. I can hear noises from across the house and be able to not only identify what it is, but which kid is doing it.

  94. says

    My Parenting Superpower is to love and care for my daughter without any expectations around who she should be, what she should be capable of, or what she will become. My job is to simply to be there and help her through her own decisions, her own interests, and her own loves.

  95. says

    Somehow or another, I have developed enough superpowers to have two amazing, magical children. I have no idea what these superpowers are, but I’m sure my kiddos will continue to show me over the years.