Used disposable diaper = foolproof credit card disposal

Efrat — we'll let Parenthackers determine your mental state:

I can't tell if this is a brilliant idea or classifies me as an utter wierdo, so I am submitting this and you shall decide.

We got new credit cards in the mail the other day, which necessitated disposing of the old cards. Normally, i cut up the card in several pieces so the card info cannot be retrieved by anyone looking to identity-thieve. Not only that, but I dispose some of the card pieces in one trash can and the rest in another. Well, i looked into the bathroom trashcan, saw a discarded disposable diaper, and a lightbulb went off. i opened up the diaper (don't worry, it was only a wet one), dropped the credit card pieces in, and wrapped it back up.

Genius or just plain gross?

Heh. I've got my opinion. What's yours?

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  1. Tracy says

    I used to put cut up credit cards in the diaper pail (when I had one). I figured no one would dig through the stinkiness to get at that credit card. Never bothered to actually stick them *inside* the diapers themselves.

  2. says

    This is the best idea I’ve heard so far!!! I’ve never thought about doing this, but we should put our junk mail in there as well-you know, the credit card applications you get in the mail. People can fill those out in your name and get a credit card. And it doesn’t matter if it’s torn up-I had a friend who tore one up, taped it up and THEN filled it out and sent it in. He got a credit card within 2 weeks.

  3. Paul says

    I use a similar tactic, I always empty my diaper pail and paper shredder basket at the same time, and dump them together in a bag. I figure it is one more line of defense against identity theft

  4. says

    Genius! We have so many people that go through the trash here (both as their jobs and for personal gain) that we’re always concerned about personal info getting out. We’ll use this technique with a dirty one, though. Really, who could dig through that stench?

  5. Maegan says

    I always used to put them (and all shreddings) in with the kitty litter … never thought of the diapers! Great idea.

  6. PL says

    I’ve been smuggling all of those credit cards/credit apps I get in the mail into work to dispose of in our confidential shredder (it’s a locked box with a slot in the top, and some armored car takes it to an incinerator)–even though it costs a bunch to have it disposed of, so we’re not really supposed to use it for our personal stuff. This seems almost as secure (!) and less likely to get me fired!!

  7. Carrie says

    The best way to stop the credit card mailers is to write on ‘not interested, please delete from mailing list’ on the application, and then mail all the paraphenalia that came with it, in the prepaid return envelope. Stopped ALL my junk mail. But the diaper disposal method for the old card – gross, but genius!

  8. Anonymous says

    I did this with gross trash before we had our baby. I would throw the credit apps and such in a trash can just before trash day and then dump the leftovers and anything else that was gross, in the bag with the trash. The diaper idea is great. (wonder if we could sell them as an identity theft prevention system. lol)

  9. says

    We have done that too. I don’t remember if it was a dirty one, or not, but it was in the bag with all the dirty ones, too. No one would want to dig through there!

  10. Chakolate says

    I find that sensitive junk mail, like credit card applications, once shredded, makes fine kitty litter. ;-)

  11. LJ says

    Just an FYI. . . there is a “do not mail list” similar to the do not call one. I went online and entered info to stop unsolicited credit card apps and the like. I hardly get any now.

  12. Stacy says

    This is very similar to what the FDA/DEA suggest you do with prescription medicines that you need to get rid of. It says kitty litter; I think stanky diapers are even better!

  13. says

    Like Paul, I always mix in our discarded (manually shredded) bills and other sensitive papers with the dirty diapers and kitchen scraps figuring that nobody would be desperate enough to dig through that stinky, nasty stuff.

    Well, except for a parent, that is…

    I know a Dad who dug through the contents of an entire CeCe’s Pizza dumpster (after a busy Friday night!) to find his sons $75 dental retainer. (You’d better believe I would’ve made the teenage stinker get in there with me to do the hunting!)

  14. Alan says

    Um…that’s a bit paranoid. If you’ve received a new credit card, your old one is blocked and won’t work. Even if someone did raid your trash and put the card back together, then used it someone (perhaps an off-line sale with carbon slips?), the issuer will cover the fraudulent activity.

    Personally, I have a small shredder at home, and it takes credit cards. But if I didn’t have that, I’d just break the card up into a few pieces.