Thanksgiving craft project: Cup cozies

Maria's simple craft project would be a great diversion for hungry kids waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

One rainy day at the craft store, my kids picked up a couple of foam drink cozies to decorate. They had a blast decorating with stickers and markers. Now they use them all the time.

For special occasions, they use the cozies for cans of soda, but 9 oz cups fit as do certain drink cups and juice boxes. We no longer deal with several half-full cups sitting around the room because they can identify their own drinks. And they are so proud!

We now use them for family events and visits with grandparents. My mom buys a pile of them or I bring some along and the kids get to decorate them at the beginning of the visit. No more confusion about whose is whose and the drinks last longer because they stay cooler. Kids get to take them home at the end of the visit! Great for parties, too.

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