Stuff plastic bags inside a paper towel roll to keep them handy in the car

Simple brilliance. From Laura:

I keep a small cardboard box in my minivan to corral essential cleanup items (antibacterial wipes, a roll of paper towels and some diapers and wipes for the little ones). What I found really useful is to stuff the paper towel roll with plastic shopping bags. This serves two purposes: keeps plastic bags handy for bagging up dirty diapers, lunch trash, wet things etc, and keeps the paper towel roll from getting crushed flat.

Why didn’t I think of that?

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  1. hippielunatic says

    We stuff the plastic bags into an old diaper wipe container. It holds a lot of them and will dispense them easily.

  2. Julie Qidwai says

    I drive a minivan, and it features approximately 20 different little compartments, most of which we don’t use. I stuff our plastic bags into one of the ones towards the back. Our van (Toyota Sienna) also has a little hook down by where the front passenger would put his/her knees, and I think that this is actually meant to be a garbage bag hook. That’s what I use it for. Sometimes I have to move it if I have a front-seat passenger, but usually it’s just me and the kid, so it’s great to have a garbage bag there when I need it.

  3. Julie Qidwai says

    Editor: That would be a good purpose for it, too, but I think it’s not wide enough to hold most purse straps. It’s only about half an inch to an inch in length–the part of it, that is, that holds something.

  4. Paula says

    I use an empty cardboard tissue box for holding all those bags in my cars, at my desk at work, etc.