22 October 2008

Quick stain removal with a wet toothbrush

Ever since I became a mother I've had schmutz on my shirt. Now it's crumbs and inky fingerprints, but not so long ago it was spitup and nosewipe leftovers. Ah, the glamor. Do you think Angelina has schmutz on her shirt? If she does, she can take Leigh's advice:

I learned this from my years in retail. To remove most stains in a hurry, plain water scrubbed in with an old toothbrush will remove almost anything, particularly on manmade fabrics. I tried it when I got baby, well, puke on my new suitjacket and it came out like a breeze. Works with toothpaste too. Advanced tip: dry-cleaning fluid on an old toothbrush will get just about anything, and I mean anything, out of any material.

What are your best on-the-go stain removal secrets?

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I have found that the "Clean and Go" wipes will take most stains out of my clothes. We were at a kids birthday party and my little one blessed my shirt with ketchup hands! I used a wipes to blot the ketchup and it came out! It was like a Tide to-go pen!

We used a toothbrush and baby wipes to get dirt off of my sister's wedding dress this weekend. It worked!

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

Where do you get dry cleaning fluid from, I wonder?

Just use baby wipes! I always have these on hand, and they take everything out. Even blue Gatorade from cream carpet.

Dry cleaning fluid (perchloroethylene/PERC, etc.) is very toxic - a carcinogen.

Baby wipes are the best! We don't use them for diapering anymore (yay, cloth!), but I do miss having them on hand for messes.

At home, old-fashioned Fels Naptha soap is the best on everything! (Suprisingly, it's in most grocery stores except in BIG cities, and also online at places like SoapsGoneBuy).

I swear by the Gal Pal for deodorant removal. It's a funny little foam pad that looks really cheap, but it really gets the deodorant off clothes!


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Saliva for blood. That's the old quilter's trick (and best if it is the saliva of the person whose blood it is - enzymatically matched, or so the old (new) wive's tale goes). You don't have to lick it, either - just drool works fine. ;)

For grease spots that you didn't see soon enough to hit with liquid dish soap, the spray-n-wash stain stick (solid stick) worked in well and let sit for a week has always worked, even on silk. The trick was not washing it immediately. I've also been told to apply WD40 as a solvent for old grease/oil stains, then hit again with dish soap, but I haven't tried it.

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