Hide presents inside your luggage


And I thought I was the only one who leaves my suitcase on the bedroom floor for weeks after a trip. Tracy's hack makes such laziness worthwhile! Right? Last year, my kids reached an age where I could no longer go shopping for gifts and just leave the bags in the floor of my closet […]

links for 2008-10-29

lee's things: Pumpkin carving for easy candle access So smart! So simple! Last-minute Halloween costume: Fairy Magic Last year's Christmas dress + fairy wings = adorable quick costume for a toddler princess. The Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide Spend your holiday dollars on fewer toys, but choose ones that are safe and of amazing […]

Toy catalogs make for good kid distraction

Remember the Sears catalog? Anyone? Anyone? I recall afternoons spent poring over the toy section and dreaming. Jennifer encourages her kids to do the same with the deluge of holiday mail-order catalogs: Now that the holidays are coming up, we've been getting TONS of catalogs in the mail. Especially toy catalogs. I've found them to […]

Amazon Pampers/Luvs promotion ends Friday


You've still got time to get in on Amazon's Pampers and Luvs deal: buy $99 worth of selected Pampers and Luvs products (including diapers, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Easy-Ups, Kandoo wipes, soap, Underjams, and wipes) and get a $20 Amazon gift certificate toward a future purchase (as in, holiday gifts). Offer ends 10/31.

Bright lights make kids sneeze. Really?


Kerrie sent in this fascinating hack: I have 9 month old twins who seem to have spent more of their lives congested than not. They hate the snot-sucker (even the cool battery operated one!) and I'm always struggling to get their noses clear. The other day as we were headed out the door, they both […]

Denture tabs clean more than just dentures


Who knew denture tablets had so many uses? From Sarah: I found the hack to use denture tabs for cleaning toothbrushes and teething toys, but they are also great for cleaning athletic mouth guards, night bite guards for teeth grinders, sippy cup valves, etc. I take a few with me when I travel to quickly […]

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DeliciousBaby Journal: Giveaway – Lands End Complete Kid's Winter Outfit ($200+ Value) Wow, Debbie! You've really outdone yourself with this giveaway!