Keep a birthday calendar in the…bathroom?

Hey, it works! From Jonah Lisa:spaceball.gifBirthday calendar

Okay, this is another great hack for busy parents. It's also a little cultural exchange of sorts.

My husband's family brought this back to states with them from Holland, where it's not a hack, it's simply a cultural norm. They use what's called a Verjaardagkalender (Birthday Calendar). It's your typical perpetual birthday calendar but the Dutch keep it displayed in the bathroom–right next to the toilet! A little strange? Yes. Super convenient? Absolutely!

Every time you sit down you have a look at what's coming up. Some people even place theirs in the powder room with a pen attached and guests are expected to write in their birthdays while (well let's think before or after, shall we) making a….visit. As a busy Mom who is horrible with birthdays, this little Dutch treat has been indispensable for me.

If you'd like to read more, check out Jonah Lisa's blog post on the topic.

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  1. se7en says

    I totally love this idea – you will certainly get a look at it everyday – love it and plan to use it!

  2. Celeste says

    We have a calendar in our bathroom too. Ours is next to the sink by the laundry shute. I write birthdays in it too but mostly we use it for my son who is still using pull-ups at night. We put stickers on it if he’s dry when he gets up.

  3. Stepan says

    Note to Celeste: you don’t replace a birthday calendar every year. Rather it’s a bit of a living document that gets added on to, year after year.

    My parents use a calendar I hand-made in middle school (over a quarter century ago) as a birthday calendar — and it hangs on their bathroom door and can servers as an alternative to Reader’s Digest, if you know what I mean :-)

    Last year, my parents sent out a birthday calendar as a Christmas present to my mom’s siblings and their children. Each month had photos from one of my grand-parents children or grandchildren’s families. And everyone’s birthday was already printed in the calendar to boot. A great present that we’ll keep adding on to for decades to come.

  4. Richard says

    Had to laugh about this one since EVERYBODY in the Netherlands has a birthday calendar in the bathroom.

  5. Rachel says

    It must not just be Dutch. Now the calendar in my German mother in law’s bathroom finally makes sense!! I must say, though, that I’ve heard so many people make fun of their “bathroom calendar” that it makes me rather reluctant to put one up of my own!

  6. Kids Printable Crafts says

    I have to admit it is a very strange place to put a calendar but a great idea. That is about the only minutes during the day that I have time to breath and figure out what’s coming up.

  7. Paige says

    I don’t know that I’ll use this idea…but I’m really glad to know about the Dutch thing–our friend from the Netherlands has one of these right there next to the toilet paper, and I thought it was super strange (not the bathroom, the VERY CLOSE proximity to the toilet)–I’ll stop judging now [or at least, I’ll reserve my judgment for the whole of the country, not my friend personally ! :)]

  8. Leigh says

    We’ve adopted this from Dutch friends. I brought calendars back from a business trip to Europe, and ours hangs next to our sink. It’s a wonderful idea, and makes it easy to keep up with birthdays.


  9. Kelly says

    My German grandmother had one just outside the bathroom. It was quite large (believe me–very large family) so I guess it wouldn’t fit by the toilet! I keep a regular yearly calendar in our bathroom between our 2 vanities so I can see what’s on the agenda for the month…and my husband doesn’t forget important dates (wink, wink).

  10. tim says

    this COMPLETELY explains why my mom (Dutch) always has this in the house. I just thought my mom was weird.