Hide presents inside your luggage

And I thought I was the only one who leaves my suitcase on the bedroom floor for weeks after a trip. Tracy's hack makes such laziness worthwhile! Right?

Last year, my kids reached an age where I could no longer go shopping for gifts and just leave the bags in the floor of my closet without any worries that they might peek inside. For the longest time, the jungle of shoes and dangly clothes was just enough to direct the eye away from the store bag with the faintest bit of a Dora doll showing through. But no more.

So when I finished my day of shopping (I take a day off from work and do most of my holiday shopping on that one day – I don't care if things are on sale that day or not – I just can't stand shopping so I'll pay extra to do it when the crowds aren't there), I came home with a gazillion bags of gifts for all the family. And wondered where on earth I could hide all these goodies. Then I spied the gi-normous suitcases my husband and I had used recently on some trips and were too lazy to put away. I filled them up with gifts for the kids!

I couldn't help but giggle to myself every time the kids were goofing around in the bedroom right next to those suitcases and had absolutely no idea their Christmas gifts were in there. My kids are 5 years and 3 years, so they're not at the stage of searching every nook and cranny for gifts. Older kids might not fall for it but I think I'll probably get a few more years out of this hack before I'll have to think of something better.

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  1. GeekLady says

    This hack reminds me of the time I was twelve and bought my mom gourmet coffee for Christmas. I couldn’t hide it in my room, because the coffee smell would make her suspicious and she would snoop until she found it, and I couldn’t hide it in the kitchen because she ruled with an iron fist and would notice anything that didn’t belong in her cupboards… so (with my dad’s complicity) I hid the bags in HER closet, in the jumble of stuff on my dad’s side. Mom told me later that the smell of coffee drove her crazy all December, she never figured out where it was coming from.

  2. Charity says

    My mother used to hide everything in her trunk. Then she’d have one big wrap day at work, put it back in her trunk and bring it out Christmas eve.

  3. Bill says

    My parents used to hide presents in their suitcases, which I discovered around the age of five. Afterwards it was the first and only place I checked.

  4. harmzie says

    I like it! Sometimes we (ok, I) need to be told a ridiculously simple idea rather that being able to figure it out (I’m a slightly over-complicate things person). In that vein, I also like the taking-a-day-off-to-shop-all-at-once idea! I may just do that. I hate running around at lunch for a month.

  5. Christine says

    My mother took to hiding gifts in the neighbors garage because we got so bad about looking for them at holiday time.

  6. Lina says

    Wise! Kids get used to seeing trunks sitting abandoned in the room and will not guess to look in there:) I usually put everything that shouldn’t be found on the top of the bookshelf where they are not visible from below

  7. Jim says

    When we were old enough to start snooping for presents, my mother told us all that if we were caught snooping, we would get all of our presents right then and there.

    She never had to hide them after that, we were too scared to look in *any* bag…

  8. Jill in Atlanta says

    Like Jim, my mom made it clear that if we snooped, we’d simply have no surprises on Christmas. She told us she would be hiding that year’s gifts in a particular basement closest and would like for us to leave it alone. We did.

  9. Carrie says

    My mom and our neighbor would hide our gifts at each other’s homes. We were all told that if we snooped and found out what the gifts were, no one would get any presents! It worked well. My mom also had a cedar hope chest that she used to lock up presents not stored elsewhere.

  10. Sandy says

    Our basement was unfinished, and more of a storage area/workroom. Mom would always tell us we weren’t allowed in the basement in December. Once, when we were down there for a tornado warning, we found a present she forgot to give us the previous Christmas!

  11. Charity says

    It was my mom’s car trunk…shop, toss it in the trunk, bring it out at work to wrap and leave it under the tree Christmas Eve.

  12. marci says

    i still have no idea where the santa was hidden & i’m 39.

    but our santa brought unwrapped gifts, out of boxes, artfully arranged & pre-batteried – ready to go! no wrapping for her! no hopping around while an adult untwisted innumerable twist ties & found a screwdriver & the appropriate batteries for us! woo hoo!

  13. michelle says

    I was an a adult before my mom told me (us) where they used to hide the Santa gifts. Every fall, she would defrost the full-size freezer in the basement, turn it off and store the presents in there. If I’m remembering correctly, it locked. But, my sisters and I NEVER thought to look there anyway!

  14. Jeff says

    For those who have the option, I find keeping gifts at work is the best place – free from snooping children, free from snooping spouses. I go one farther and stash them in a co-workers office in the event my bride stops by…

  15. Rebecca says

    I am stealing my friend’s idea this year, I am going to hide the presents in the empty storage containers that house the Christmas decorations in the garage!

  16. Lamont Cranston says

    The only problem with this is that your kids all know how to use the Internet. You’ve compromised all your good hiding places!


  17. Amy says

    I’m with Jim and Jill. If my kids find a present, it will be returned. My son has always worked extra hard to not find out a thing about the presents. He’ll announce he’s coming into the room, he’ll make sure presents aren’t hidden in a closet before he opens it, etc.

  18. Nikki says

    My parents always hid our presents – wrapped – under their bed. They were already labeled who they were to and who they were from. We were told that my parents requested early delivery in case we were traveling. Needless to say, it is hard to get information from an already wrapped gift. My brother tried it once, after that all boxes were duct taped or strapping taped shut.