Going apple picking? Bring a peeler with you.

Jen’s hack reminds me that I need to schedule some apple-picking this Fall. We’re Pacific Northwesterners after all!

What fun is going to pick apples and not eating a few? It’s too tempting to want to sample the apples fresh from the tree, but most pick-your-own apples orchards use pesticides that are not removed by rubbing the apple on your sleeve. Of course, your best bet is to find an organic apple orchard, but if you can’t, peeling the apples is your next best option. So bring a vegetable peeler the next time you go apple picking!

(Apples have one of the highest pesticide loads – check out /www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php for reference.)

P. S. OXO Good Grips makes my favorite vegetable peeler ever.

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  1. Joe Kerr says

    SoCal has a great organic orchard in Oak Glen (about midway between LA & Palm Springs). It’s called Rileys at Los Rios Rancho (www.losriosrancho.com).