Getting a too-big costume hat to fit

Sue did a little costume hacking:

My son was a construction worker last Halloween, but all of our play construction hats were too big to stay on his head for vigorous trick-or-treating. I took one of my daughter's thin elastic headbands and attached it securely with strategically-positioned tape to the inside of the hat at four points (making a square shape). It worked perfectly.

How smart is that?

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  1. Daffodil says

    Thank you! We have a too-big construction hat at our house that is giving me worries when it comes to wearing the construction worker costume to preschool. This sounds like a great idea — certainly much better than the solutions I was coming up with.

  2. mamajud says

    you can take an old knit cap and hot glue it to the inside of the helmet….i did it with a homemade r2d2 costume last year and used a decorated plastic bowl for the “head”….worked like a charm

  3. Hapa says

    I love being reminded of the elastic diamond trick.

    Back when I was a kid, this is exactly what we did to all hats that were part of a dancing costume.

    In addition to making the hat fit more size heads, this also helps keep the hat on the head while tap dancing.

  4. Big GUM says

    We had that same issue with my older son’s Bob the Builder helmet (why do they make those things so big?). It’s cold around here at Halloween, so we just put a hooded sweatshirt beneath his costume and put the helmet on over his hood; worked perfectly!

  5. Virgie | costume hats says

    No kidding! Whats up with the size of children’s being so huge? I have yet to get a costume with a hat that fits for my kids. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions for adjustments!