Do your “Black Friday” holiday shopping online (and sleep in)

Craig passed along a potentially money-saving tip for the hardcore holiday shoppers among you:

I would like to remind folks that many, if not all stores, now start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Thursday. And according to the Consumerist, some Black Friday prices are actually starting at Halloween this year. [Consumerist calls this "the creepiest of all Christmas creeps." — Ed.]

We've always done our Christmas shopping on Black Friday because we're at the grandparent's house so they can watch the kids while we sneak out early in the morning and buy all the gifts. We then hide them in the storage bins in the van (we have one of those vans where the seats can fold down and that space is used as storage when the seats are upright). The kids are none the wiser and we're completely done with all or nearly all our shopping. Last year we did it all online on Thursday while the kids were distracted somewhere else in the house and we didn't have to get up and go out at all. Well, we did for one thing, but that's it. This year my goal to not have to go out at all.

If you've never heard the term, Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving when retailers drastically cut prices and offer massive markdowns to lure holiday shoppers.

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  1. Kat says

    Yup…you CAN do much of your Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving Day online. HOWEVER, you don’t always get what you order. We ordered quite a few things and the order went through….only to get an email back 24 to 48 hours later saying “so sorry, we don’t really have that in stock online.” So if there’s something you really MUST have and you have the option to buy it in the store, do that to be sure.