Denture tabs clean more than just dentures

Who knew denture tablets had so many uses? From Sarah:

I found the hack to use denture tabs for cleaning toothbrushes and teething toys, but they are also great for cleaning athletic mouth guards, night bite guards for teeth grinders, sippy cup valves, etc. I take a few with me when I travel to quickly clean pacifiers, spoons, etc. in hotel rooms. Also, a less toxic alternative to bleach products for cleaning toilet bowls is to let 2-3 denture tabs dissolve in the bowl before scrubbing. After throwing away flower arrangements, I fill the vase with water and throw in a couple to clean the scum off the inside. They are dirt cheap when you buy in bulk!

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  1. Tamer says

    They also work really well to clean tea/coffee stained thermos cups, tea pots, etc. Just let it sit for the night.

  2. Shelby says

    I loved cleaning my retainers with denture tablets. But I want to point out that if you have a night guard (for teeth grinding) that you got from the dentist made especially for your teeth, it’s made out of a type of plastic that can be degraded by denture tablets. I know mine was very expensive and not covered by insurance, so if yours was too, don’t use a denture tablet on it. Everything else, no problem, just not a night guard.

  3. Kelly says

    this might be the most useful piece of information I’ve heard this year! thanks, Sarah! I have bowls on the counter fizzing away as we speak.