Creative color-coding keeps siblings’ stuff sorted

Simple and smart. From Terrie:

With two boys very close in age, we decided early on to "color code" a few items to simplify life and to be able to tell at a glance who the owner is. Son #1 gets blue, green or purple (cool colors), while son #2 gets red, orange, yellow (warm colors). (Son #2's middle name begins with an R, so we just think Red for him, and remember it.) This works for sippy cups, snack containers, toothbrushes, etc. — no more guessing who finished his snack and who still has some left! And allowing an assortment of colors for each rather than just one seems to ensure no one ends up totally dissatisfied.

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  1. Ticia says

    We did that with our twin boys for the first 2 years of their lives, one wore blue alway s, and the other got all of the other colors. It worked great and allowed our friends and family to know who was who. Of course now the one who didn’t wear blue that is his favo rite color.

    Toddlers make typing comments very hard.

  2. mom of 2 says

    Yes, I’ve got a cool son (blond hair and baby blue eyes) and a warm son (reddish-brown hair and brown eyes.) I was thinking green for #2, but when he was born, he just looked like a warm to me. I agree, the cool/warm works much better than just one color each, though you may have trouble if you have more than two. Maybe neutral colors? Metalic? Now THAT would be interesting!

  3. Mieke says

    We’re using color-coding for not just the kids, but the adults as well. Not clothing, but just about everything else. The whiteboard calendar on the wall, added tags on the wetsuits, or whatever else you have identical-looking things of. Works really well.

  4. Christina says

    Color coding is the key to survival! Especially with twins. I can look across the room and know with a glance who’s “red” or “blue” or “orange”….

    I live by it on a daily basis!

  5. akeeyu says

    We color code towels in our house.

    Advantage: You will never EVER have to say “Who left this wet towel on the (insert flat surface here)?”