Amazon Pampers/Luvs promotion ends Friday

You've still got time to get in on Amazon's Pampers and Luvs deal: buy $99 worth of selected Pampers and Luvs products (including diapers, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Easy-Ups, Kandoo wipes, soap, Underjams, and wipes) and get a $20 Amazon gift certificate toward a future purchase (as in, holiday gifts). Offer ends 10/31.

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  1. CD Mom says

    OMG Who would spend this much on disposable diapers? That create so much trash for the environment too? This is so utterly wasteful. Why not spend that once on cloth diapers that are just as easy as disposables, but create less environmental waste, and are much healthier for your baby? Moms, check out and find out more about how to save more money for your family budget during these economically difficult times!

  2. Liz BK says

    I don’t disagree that it is wasteful to use disposables; I used cloth for the first two months until I went back to work. As a mom working full time and living in an apartment (with a community laundry room) it became too daunting to get the diapers washed in a timely fashion after work, while battling for laundry room space and hauling baby with me! I had to compromise, but hopefully I’ll be living in a house with a washer & drier when Baby #2 comes along. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a break…

  3. none says

    Oh, goodness, there are plenty of people who would consider this a great deal. Sure, disposable diapers fill up landfills, but cloth diapers use up valuable water and energy to keep clean.

    I’ve used both, and I’ve had a hard time getting cloth diapers to not leak overnight, and an even harder time to get my husband on board with cloth diapering, especially when it came to poopy diapers.

    Thank God we’re in the last stages of potty training now.

  4. none says

    Oh, and I forgot to add that both my kids were cloth-diapered during the day at home. They were disposable-diapered only for overnight, for when we weren’t home, and for babysitters reluctant to deal with cloth diapers.

  5. JH says

    This is a great deal for the majority of parents, especially those with kids in daycare where you simply can’t use cloth diapers. I appreciate the non-judgemental folks at ParentHacks for letting us know about this!!