Amazon Friday sale: Huggies diapers, Rubbermaid Produce Savers, noise canceling headphones

I found a couple Parent Hacks-worthy items in today's Amazon Friday sale:

I find that, now that I'm using reusable shopping bags and lunch containers, I have fewer plastic and paper bags sitting around for when I actually need them. Of course, I don't really need them — it's just my habit to pop a half an onion (or whatever surplus vegie I've got post dinner-prep) into a Ziploc sandwich bag and toss it back in the fridge. These Rubbermaid Produce Saver containers are ideal for that job, and, if you buy them to replace Ziplocs, they'll eventually pay for themselves. This set of four containers is $14.99 (22% off).

You'll find a small discount today on the Super Mega package of Huggies Supreme Diapers (14% – 19% off depending on the diaper size). Not much, but something.

I also noticed that Amazon's having a good sale on headphones, including several noise canceling models. Noise canceling headphones make it possible for my husband to work at home regardless of kid chaos. They're also wonderful for my son while on road trips (and, sometimes, on the way home from a hard day at school.) He's very sensitive to sound, so the ambient noise that "leaks" through with regular headphones bothers him. The noise canceling effect helps him truly relax into music. We got him this inexpensive Sony set, but there are higher-end versions on sale, too. The headphone discounts go through 10/30.