Amazon Friday sale: Robeez, nonslip liner, Aerobed, Annie Chun’s noodles, digital cameras and frames, and too much kitchen and dining stuff to list

It's the Amazon Friday sale! And it's packed this week.

RobeezAnd, lo! Robeez! And with cute snowmen! In pink or blue! These were indispensable when my kids were babies. The price is right: $14.89 (almost half off).

We've published plenty of hacks involving nonslip shelf liner. The stuff comes in handy everywhere. A big roll of Griptex Wonderliner (12 x 240 inches) is on sale for $5.99 (60% off).

Got lots of family coming into town soon? Popular slumber party host? The Aerobed for Kids in on sale for $64.99 (35% off). These things are indeed comfy — I've slept on one. Granted, many kids are fine sleeping on top of a pile of rocks, but if you have a Princess-and-the-Pea sort coming to sleep over, it's an option.

Annie Chun's noodle kits make another appearance this week (Black Bean Chow Mein, Teriyaki, and Original Chow Mein). These are some of my favorite kid convenience foods (my kids are Asian noodle hounds). $11 for a six-pack (just over half off).

Kodak EasyShare frameThere are so many good deals in the Kitchen and Dining category, I won't even list them here. If you need to stock up on supplies before Thanksgiving, have a look.

Today, the Electronics category is filled exclusively with digital cameras and digital photo frames. I'm glad to see that the prices of these frames are finally coming down. This Kodak EasyShare P720 frame is $79.99 today (20% off). This frame appears to be at the midrange in price — you'll find cheaper and more expensive options in the sale as well.

Prices are good today only. Have fun!


  1. mrspooley says

    Gingerbread men Robeez are the same price as the snowmen! Maybe a few other winter/holiday styles on sale too? Worth a look around…