24 October 2008

Amazon Friday sale: Annie Chun's noodles, magic erasers, Huggies wipes, Swiss army knife

Here's what I found in today's Amazon Friday sale:

Like many, my kids are pastaphiles. They will eat any noodle preparation, especially those that are Asian-inspired. Pad thai, udon, lo mein, ramen ... it's all good. I always keep a few Annie Chun's noodle "kits" in my pantry -- they're great for babysitter-prepared dinners, weekend lunches, or nights when I don't want to cook. Good quality ingredients, not fried, fresh tasting, and ready in minutes. Add a few frozen vegies and some diced tofu and it's a healthy meal (better than mac and cheese!). Amazon's selling a case of six boxes (Teriyaki or Black Bean Chow Mein) for $12 -- almost half off the regular price.

Parenthackers love "magic eraser" cleaning pads. They come in handy for all sorts of random cleanup jobs. A box of three Mr. Clean magic erasers is on sale for $19.99 (24% off).

Huggies Soft Skin Shea Butter wipes are a 22% cheaper than usual: $20.99 for a three-pack of refills (184 wipes each).

Friday sale prices are good today only.

It's not part of the Friday sale, but it is one of today's Amazon's Deals of the Day: this cool Victorinox Swiss Army knife.. We've long suggested that no parent should be without a multitool. This is a fine option.

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I love that you keep track of the Friday sale so I don't have to.

Also, I *so* owe you an email. I'll try to get to that soon.

The Mr. Clean deal is 3 boxes of 8 Magic Erasers, for a total of 24! Not "A box of three" like you have it written.

The Mr. Clean deal is 3 boxes of 8 Magic Erasers each, for a total of 24! It's not "a box of three".

Thanks for the Friday goodies! If you're looking for more freebies and frugal deals, you might check out the Engineer a Debt Free Life blog at http://engineeradebtfreelife.blogspot.com

We post lots of freebies, frugal tips, and give reviews of what online survey companies are worth joining.

And now I'm off to Amazon to check out the Mr. Clean erasers! Woot!

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Well, I hope most of you caught my lame Magic Eraser typo! Thanks for pointing it out, Amy.

Let me just say this - Magic Erasers rock. I've been able to remove inc from a white leather jacket which I thought was ruined - how cool is that!

nice noodles, look tasty... :)
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