Tie helium balloons to kids’ bracelets rather than their wrists

Christy! What a great idea. Never would have thought of this myself.

I’ve got a hack that I just discovered by accident when we were at a local festival. I thought that with county fair season approaching, parents would appreciate this.

My daughter begged me to wear a bracelet to the event (community fair type of festival). After getting the 2nd helium balloon of the day, I decided to tie it to her bracelet, instead of her arm. She never allows me to tie it to her arm because it’s too constrictive, but the bracelet worked great! It was a heavy beaded bracelet, so it acted like a weight as well. This allowed her to take it on and off as she wanted. The bracelet also allowed me to attach it to my water bottle when she got tired of wearing it!

We also noticed several booths giving out rubber bracelets. You could use one of those as well, though I’m not sure it would be effective as a weight. I noticed another mom that took a balloon string and looped it through the neck hole and out the armhole of her toddler’s shirt, tying it into a bow. That worked well too!

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  1. Erik says

    Here’s a hack…..a statement like, “She never allows me to tie it to her arm”, should never be uttered by a parent.

    If you’re child is allowing you or disallowing you to do anything, you’ve already lost.

  2. Bev says

    Tie it to something heavy, those little rubber bracelets won’t stop it from floating away, and once it’s gone it’s gone :(

  3. Heather says

    oh, give me a break. it’s the kind of statements like Erik’s that drive me nuts about this site. It’s a balloon, for goodness sake. Is it really worth fighting with your kid to tie it to his/her wrist? I mean, really. Yes, we are the parents and that means choosing our battles. And no, my 4-year-old won’t allow me to tie one to his wrist, either. But do I fight about that one? Nope. Life’s too short. Do I fight him over being kind to people, sharing his things and eating some veggies? I sure do. But some things just aren’t worth the battle …

  4. Amy Michelle T. says

    I agree with you, Heather, the comment was silly. However, I have to say that the thing I love about this site is that those kind of derogatory statements are rare. Especially when compared with other parenting sites/communities I have seen. 9 times out of 10 here people are cordial even when disputing something. So don’t give up on the site. There is far more good here than bad.

  5. Heather says

    Thank you, Amy. Yes, you’re right. I’ve been reading this site since it started and always find great tips here. And, sometimes, I like to read the comments just for those kind of finger-wagging tirades that I’ve come to expect. Don’t know what came over me; guess I’d read one too many. Maybe I just need more coffee …

  6. says

    So I can come out in this loving community and say, once and for all, “I am unAmerican and I hate balloons!”. Oh, that felt good!

    The way I see it, they cause a fight over which kid gets what color or how you tie it on them or don’t, they easily float away, they’re dangerous for babies and tots who might bite them, they scare kids when they pop unexpectedly, they really only survive one day, and when littered are a danger to wildlife. And,yes, they’re pretty. (I’m not that crabby.)

  7. says

    Gee Erik. I should have mentioned in my hack above that if she won’t allow me to tie it to her wrist, I win the battle by not allowing her to have the balloon.

    So no, I have not lost a thing by uttering that statement.

  8. Monera Mason says

    I too hate balloons for many of the same reasons Jill does. I dread TJ for this reason and dismay at anything to do with balloon animals. I am glad there are others who hate them too.

  9. sara says

    i would tie it to my sons belt loops, or his shoe(if it’s really long), he never seemed to mind!!
    he really liked when it was tied to his shoe, he was able to bounce it around!!!

  10. Beth says

    Awesome idea! I’ve done something similar – we were leaving the mall to head to the car and had just acquired a balloon from a restaurant. My toddler is in the “I must carry baby doll with me at all times” phase so she had her doll – I tied to balloon to the doll’s wrist instead of my kid, knowing that she’d never let go of dolly.

  11. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Erik, Erik, Erik. While I see where you were going with that comment, your delivery got the conversation off to a negative start. Try for something a little less judgmental next time.

    Just wanted to hop on to say (AGAIN, broken record, I know) that the conversation around here is 99.9% supportive, respectful and smart. I wouldn’t keep doing this if it weren’t.

  12. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Jill! You’ve got a home at Parent Hacks, no matter what your balloon viewpoint is. We have an anti-discrimination policy regarding anti-balloonists. Some of my best friends hate balloons.