Rinse fresh berries in a gravy strainer to keep them intact

I live in berry country, and don’t take nearly enough advantage of the bounty and variety of berries around here. We did go raspberry picking this year, however, and I found an incredible patch of wild blackberries behind my parents in-laws’ house (and I still have the scratches to prove it).

Kate’s hack would have come in handy then:

My daughter LOVES raspberries and I just discovered a great way to rinse them or any other delicate fruit for that matter. I usually dump raspberries in a strainer and run water over them to clean. This wastes water, it’s hard to tell if all the berries are really being cleaned, and it tends to smash them (bummer).

So today when my daughter was playing in a kitchen drawer with all my plastic kitchen gadgets I noticed the gravy strainer. I filled it with water and raspberries for a few seconds, poured the excess water out of the spout and I had perfectly cleaned unsmashed raspberries! Older toddlers and “big kids” could also wash their own fruit this way.

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