Poke a straw through the foil cap to keep bottled single-serve milk from spilling

Kristin’s improvised her own spill-proof drink container:

While eating out at a restaurant, milk is often served in plastic cartons. On several occasions, our twin boys have spilled the milk by tipping the carton too high up too fast. The last time out, I thought to take a plastic knife, slice a very thin hole in the protective cover (the one under the cap) and slide a straw into that thin hole. Whaaaaa laaaa! It worked!!! No spilling at all!

Improving upon the Horizon milk box
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  1. Pamela says

    I’ve used this trick a few times for drinks that come in little plastic bottles, though it only works if there’s a foil seal under the plastic cap. If you’re out and about and a knife isn’t handy, a ball-point pen or even a car key can be used to make a straw-sized hole in the foil.

  2. says

    Take it a step further – if it has a screw-on cap, use a pocketknife or car key to make a whole in the cap and then screw it back on – slide the straw in and you’ve now got a spillproof container that the kids can’t “destroy” by wiggling the straw to make the foil-hole bigger.

    (Works with milk & 20 oz water bottles.)

  3. picklemommy says

    Also works exceedingly well with all the drinkable yogurts and smoothie drinks out there. Yogurt spills are awful and we have avoided many “Danimals Disasters” with the good old straw.

  4. RB says

    We often shorten the straw (they cut pretty easy with a plastic knife) to keep our toddler from pouring the drink down his shirt as he tries to sip from a straw that is too tall.