Parent Hacks admin: A note to email subscribers, and a little whining about my daily link roundup

Liz wrote to me wondering if there was a way to get her daily Parent Hacks email update on the same day the posts go up. Right now, the email update arrives the next morning, which is too late for her to grab Amazon Friday Sale finds. I’m doing a little tinkering with the settings in the hopes of speeding things up. (Did you know you can get Parent Hacks updates via email? See “Get free updates” in the left-hand sidebar on the website.)

But no amount of tinkering has gotten my daily link roundup working, which is very disappointing. I love passing along the links you send me — and my Delicious daily blog post thingy made that so easy. Hopefully it will magically reappear, but until then, I’ll be hand-doing my link roundup. It won’t appear as often, but it will appear, so keep sending me those Parenthacker-worthy links!


  1. jen says

    How about using RSS? I use a basic RSS feed reader (Bloglines) but I believe you can organise your mailbox to receive RSS feeds too (at least the Mac does). Then you;ll get the updates as soon as they appear, including the Amazon Friday one.

  2. Heather says

    I use google reader & also igoogle. I have the parenthacks gadget on my home page so every time I sign on I see if there’s a new post!