“Old school” wipes: damp washcloth in a plastic bag

Sharon’s (dad’s) hack is convenient, saves money, and minimizes paper waste: This is a hack I’m borrowing from my dad, a 70’s single parent. Before the advent of disposable wipes, he would carry with him a damp washcloth in a plastic bag for wiping food off of faces, cleaning up sticky hands, random spills on […]

Baby powder helps Robeez shoes slide on more easily


Melissa! I could have saved a year of baby foot-jamming had I figured this out myself! Robeez rock, as I’m sure we can all agree. However, they are a bit of a pain in the butt to get on the baby’s feet (which, no doubt, is why they stay on!). I’ve found that sprinkling a […]

Cut waffles with a pizza slicer


James has yet another brilliant use for the versatile pizza cutter: My toddler daughter enjoys having a toasted waffle for breakfast, but she’s not skilled enough to cut up the waffles herself. For a while, I cut them up using a fork, but that wasn’t very efficient. Then I had a brainwave: Use a pizza […]

Trim fingernails during bathtime to minimize cleanup


Jenn’s practical bathtime hack: The other day I had the kids in the tub and upon closer inspection, saw that they needed their nails clipped. I decided to trim their nails right then and there, in the tub. Not only were their nails softened by the water, but the bits of trimmed nails went right […]

A dash of cinnamon helps the milk go down


Here’s how Whitney (one of the Rookie Moms) makes milk more palatable for her non-milk-drinking daughter: My 14-month old daughter does not like to drink milk. My pediatrician suggested offering chocolate milk and then to slowly reduce the amount of chocolate I add. Somehow, I just can’t get comfortable giving my baby chocolate milk. (Plus […]