Let potty training kids wash their hands with the bathtub faucet

Leah has saved thousands of parents from back strain with her simple hack:

My 2 year old recently potty trained and is doing great. But she goes so many times during the day and I was getting really tired of lifting her up to wash her hands in the sink (she’s still too small for the stepstool to make much of a difference). Then yesterday I realized that she can reach the bathtub faucet pretty easily. So I’ve started turning that on for her instead so I don’t have to break my back quite as many times per day. I still have to lift her up in public bathrooms of course, but it helps a lot for when we’re just in our house.

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  1. says

    Please just make sure your water heat is not turned up too high. My little sister burned herself badly playing with the tub faucet as a toddler.

  2. Uly says

    Oh, don’t ever lift the kid to help them reach. Bad for the back, and uncomfortable for the kid.

    What you do is you kneel down and act as a boost that way (this assumes you wear work pants, not nice pants). They get a better boost than a stepstool and they’re at a more natural position. Plus, they’re comfortable and you are too.

  3. Susanne says

    This is a great suggestion. When my kids were little I had them spit into the tub after they brushed their teeth.

  4. Lindsay says

    I’m so excited about this hack – we’ve been using it all day and, though I suspect I’m using a bit more water, it’s made things so much easier. Between our 1950’s bathroom that’s not toddler-friendly at all and the newborn that’s usually in my arms – this one’s a lifesaver!

  5. monkeysmom says

    We also use the tub faucet for brushing teeth when we are at a home or hotel with no stool available. My 3 year old thinks it’s so cool that he’s allowed to spit in the tub!

  6. Cindy says

    We got a set of steps (2 steps) from Target for our daughter (2years) — they provide more boost than a step stool, so she can reach the sink, but it doesn’t raise her too high. I tried using it earlier (at ~ 18 months) but she wasn’t quite stable enough.

  7. cheri says

    Thats such a great idea my son is still young but iam dreading the day he starts his big day, but yeah thats great I thought I would have to do the lift and all thanks for posting your idea.