15 September 2008

Label sippy cups with nail polish

Here's how Katie kept sippy cups identifiable:

Labeling supplies for preschool reminded me of when I needed to label sippy cups and bottles for daycare. Tape peels off, and while Sharpies last a while, on some plastics a while only seemed to be a couple of washings and then I was trying to figure out which of two identical cups was the one we brought. What I started doing instead was using fingernail polish. It's not the easiest thing to write with, but you can at least get initials on most things and it lasts a lot longer.

Rubber bracelets as sippy cup ID label

Label sippy cups with electrical tape

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I am constantly dealing with this - I keep a sharpie by the sink and have to relabel the cups almost every day. I will definitely try this hack ... but I was wondering if anyone has tried writing on the cup with a sharpie and then painting over with clear nail polish. That seems like it could work.
(I'm going to try that one tonight!)

What about personalized vinyl stickers from StuckonYou.biz? We bought those on my mom's suggestion (she works at a day care, and thus deals with sippies and bottls all day). It's a year and counting, and all our labels have stayed on, despite nearly daily trips through the dishwasher.

What a great idea, I am so going to start doing this. Thanks!!

Great advice. Been using the sharpie solution for awhile but after a few cycles in the dishwasher you can't tell who's name is on which sippy cup. Any idea of the fingernail polish makes it through the dishwasher test?

A Dad in Kansas

Mabels Labels http://www.mabel.ca/ stay on, even through the dishwasher. They also have stick-on (no ironing!) labels for clothing that don't wash off.

In addition to using nail polish you can make a 'stencil' and then quickly brush on the label.

(Use a clear mylar tape to increase the longevity of the polish)

I second Sandy's comment. I love Mabel's Labels. (Disclosure, I sell the product at http://mlw.mabel.ca ) Mabel's stickies "will withstand the dishwasher, microwave and UV rays for years to come."

I've got a site with FAQs about the product too http://faqsandhacks.blogspot.com

We got the labels from Stuck On You and we love them. After 8 months of daily washings, I have only had to replace one label. They come in lots of different colors and make the bottles and sippies easy to identify.

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