Illustrated custom CD inserts for pre-readers

This gives you a clue about the media savviness of today’s young ‘uns. From Lauren:

My five-year-old wanted us to burn some CDs for him to listen to but got very frustrated because he wouldn’t know what song was coming up next. He can’t read yet so I printed a CD insert with the song titles and he came up with pictures to remind him which songs they were. For a song with the title "Amarillo," he chose an armadillo to remind him. For "Soak Up the Sun," he wanted a sun with a whirlpool/tornado to show something that could literally soak the sun (I love the way their brains work at this age). For "Let it Be," a bee. For "Kodachrome," a multicolored camera. He then cut it out himself and we put it into the case. Can’t say I’m the greatest artist out there but this has worked beautifully to give him a sense of knowledge and control over his own listening experience.

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