Hook shopping bags to the stroller with toy plastic links

The Mama figured out a way to ease the schlep factor while shopping with a stroller:

We have a ton of those links that hook on to toys and car seats floating around our house. I was out running errands with a friend and we made multiple stops. The basket of my stroller was already filled with our giant diaper bag, so I took one of the links and hung my reuseable bags from it, then hung the whole thing from the stroller’s handlebar. It kept things neat and they were high enough that I didn’t them as we walked.

One caution: heavy shopping bags can cause the stroller to tip backwards (we’ve all done it, haven’t we?) so be sure to keep a hand on the stroller at all times.

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  1. karen says

    I’ve used them to keep sippy cups off the floor. I’d attach it to the front of the stroller, and make a chain long enough to reach my child’s mouth, and attach a sippy that’s got a handle on the other end. No more nasty sippy spouts!

  2. Carrie says

    Ditto for snack cups, and the Fisher Price Mini Magnadoodle comes with a clip that will work with a link. No more lost toys or snacks!

  3. JenN says

    I’ve turned mine into a long chain so my son can hang up his coat in the front closet. One end clips over the bar, and he can reach the coathanger on the other end.