Dinnertime rattle: ice cubes in a Tupperware container

Here’s how Julie from Reston, Virginia keeps her baby entertained during dinner:

My husband and I were tired of listening to our 7 1/2 month old scream to be let out of his high chair before we were finished eating dinner. Our method of keeping him entertained – a couple of ice cubes in a tupperware container. Instant rattle! We can switch up the tupperware each night so the shapes and colors are different. They’re manageable enough for him to shake them vigorously. And no mess, just a little bit of water. Voila! We can eat in peace!

The question is: which is louder — the screaming or the rattling?

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  1. Marzipanda says

    I’d imagine that rattling would be dull/muted because it’s in plastic. I’ll take the sound of that over screaming any day!