Cut waffles with a pizza slicer

James has yet another brilliant use for the versatile pizza cutter:

My toddler daughter enjoys having a toasted waffle for breakfast, but she’s not skilled enough to cut up the waffles herself. For a while, I cut them up using a fork, but that wasn’t very efficient. Then I had a brainwave: Use a pizza cutter. Now I take the waffle out of the toaster, butter it, cut it into bite-size squares with the pizza cutter, then put the syrup on it. Much, much quicker — and it produces many fewer crumbs.

On a past hack on bagel cutting, Scott commented that he likes this Zyliss pizza cutter for all manner of kid-related slicing and dicing — he says it works more quickly and efficiently than the traditional handle-and-wheel models.


  1. says

    I use our pizza cutter for everything: sandwiches, quesadillas, carrots, lettuce … etc. One of the handiest tools in the kitchen.

  2. says

    Somebody’s got to take the lead and market one of these as just “cutter” so people get the hint and use it for everything under the sun, like we parent hackers do.

    Reminds me an old infomercial for a machine that dispensed those plastic zip ties. “1001 uses!” the commercial proclaimed. I turned to my friend and said, “#1, tying stuff up … what else?”

    It’s a cutter. It cuts food. Making quesadillas? Guess what you can use to cut them? Or maybe a calzone?

    How about spaghetti? Hate those long strands that flick sauce all over the place? No problem! Run the Acme Food Cutter back and forth over a pile of spaghetti a few times, no more mess!

    Also great at making toast soldiers for egg dunking!


  3. Christi says

    I haven’t tried the pizza cutter, but I do use a pair of kitchen shears on EVERYTHING! It is great for cutting everything from sandwiches to pancakes! I will have to try out the pizza cutter method :)

  4. says

    We’ve been using a pizza cutter to cut food since my 5yo was a baby. I almost wrote in to Real Simple when they claimed pizza cutters to be uni-taskers. I figured that was the kind of thing they’d have already thought of!

  5. Sarah says

    We love pizza cutters for pancakes, and it works without having to use a combination of things (like a fork and a knife) to cut, so my 3 and 5-year-old can cut their own stuff up.

  6. LauraJ says

    All my friends laugh at me because I can’t sit at the table without the kitchen shears close at hand to cut up my daughter’s food. I am at a loss at restaurants without them!

  7. Beth B says

    Ditto on the kitchen shears because then you don’t have to put the waffle (or whatever it is you’re cutting) down on a solid surface. (thus not dirtying another surface to have to wash!!)

  8. says

    Geez… I’d kill myself with that thing. Not only would the kid NOT get a nicely sliced waffle… it would be blood soaked and I’d be wailing on the floor.

    That thing needs some kind of slash guards for idiots like me.

  9. says

    good one! i use my pizza cutter for grilled cheese sandwiches. they dont sell breakfast waffles here in ireland and i sure as hell arent making them from scratch! my kid is deprived!

  10. Liz says

    We have a solid plastic cutter that works wonders for cutting all sorts of things, but has some design features that I prefer over a rolling blade cutter. It isn’t sharp (kid friendly), it is dishwasher safe, and doesn’t have the cleaning issues that I’ve experienced with the rolling cutters.

    Here’s a link to one on Amazon, it is super long, so hopefully it will still work:

  11. Megs says

    DaddyMan – same thing here! I saw the tip on Jon & Kate Plus 8, and I just had to slap myself on the forehead. I use it for anything now.

  12. Leah says

    yup, as soon as I saw it on Jon & Kate plus 8, I’ve bene using it for everything! waffles, pancakes, quesadillas. I can’t believe I had never thought of it!

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