24 September 2008

Baby powder helps Robeez shoes slide on more easily

In: 0-1 Year

Melissa! I could have saved a year of baby foot-jamming had I figured this out myself!

Robeez rock, as I'm sure we can all agree. However, they are a bit of a pain in the butt to get on the baby's feet (which, no doubt, is why they stay on!). I've found that sprinkling a tiny bit of baby powder inside the shoes from time to time makes them slide on easily.

(If you're not familiar with Robeez, they are quite possibly the best infant and early walker shoes EVER. They are adorable, flexible, super-durable, and -- the kicker -- they stay on. A pair of Robeez is a sure-fire baby shower gift.)

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I thought that we weren't supposed to use baby powder around actual babies, due to the unsafe nature of inhaling talc? (If you can smell it, then it's going into your lungs, etc etc.)

Wouldn't the inside of the shoes get all gummy when baby's foot-sweat mingles with the baby powder?

I just wanted to comment to say that I found a cheaper brand than Robeez that works just as well. It's Ministar and you can find them at Target.

These are the one's she has:

At 21 months she still comfortably fits in the 12-18 month pair. So they run a bit big.

I loved the Robeez too, so much that I found similar shoes for my now 5 year old and me too! I can't make myself wear hard-soled shoes anymore. I only switch them out during flipflop/barefoot weather.

Check out softstarshoes.com. Elves in Corvallis, OR make them by hand.

Wow! I honestly was just having this conversation with my husband today about how frustrating it is to get my son's shoes on.

Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to try it tomorrow!

I turn the heels inside out before slipping the instep over my daughter's foot, then turn the heel back up. Works like a charm, and doesn't hurt her!

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