Amazon one-day deal: Motorola Bluetooth headset for $19.99

I will admit I’ve had my share of fun taking playful jabs at people who walk around with Bluetooth headsets on — like, do they think they’re the CIA or something? But with more states enacting laws prohibiting hands-on cell phone use in cars (where so many of us multitasking parents catch up on calls), a wireless headset is a smart purchase. Come to think of it, anything that frees up your hands when you’ve got little ones is a smart purchase. I’m thinking nursing moms, stroller pushers, and parents of anyone three and under.

Today only, this Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset is is 75% off ($19.99 — it’s usually $79.99). If you’ve been thinking of going hands-free, today might be the day to do it.


  1. says

    Excellent deal, Asha, thanks for pointing it out. For those who miss this deal but are ready for a headset, Costco offers a Plantronics one for about $25.

  2. cmcinnyc says

    Great deal. But honestly, you shouldn’t drive and phone PERIOD. Which sucks but it’s just true.

  3. Joyous says

    I’ve never understood why you shouldn’t talk on the phone while driving. As long as you’ve got a headset, how is this different from talking to a person in the back seat?

  4. Stacy says

    It is totally worth looking like a Star Trek character to gain a few extra minutes in my day. I have been known to walk around the deserted CVS after dropping my son off at daycare while participating in a work meeting on my headset. Headsets and mute buttons are the best friends of working moms – especially those of us that don’t have to be in a physical office all of the time.