Amazon Friday sale: Huggies diapers and wipes, space saver bags, hot air popper

I found a few bargains in today’s Amazon Friday sale that you might like to know about:

Huggies Supreme diapers (size 5, pack of 52) are on sale for 18.99 (a little over 20% off the usual price). Always looking for those diaper deals!

Huggies Calming Touch wipes (pack of 8 64-count popup tubs) are going for $24.99 (22% off). I always went for the bulk refill packs, but it is handy to have boxes of wipes stashed throughout the house and car. If you find yourself with empty boxes, you can always use them to organize art supplies or your kitchen cabinets.

If you’re in the process of packing up the summer clothes, a Space Bag Large Underbed space-saver storage tote may come in handy. My mother in-law swears by these. It’s $14.99 (25% off).

Did you know that microwave popcorn is full of hydrogenated oil and chemicals? The good old hot air popper is making a comeback. Plus, regular popcorn is so much cheaper than the microwave stuff. The Presto PopLite hot air popper is on sale for $16.99 (43% off).

Prices are good today only.


  1. Daffodil says

    A little caveat emptor — not everybody has good luck with Space Bags. I had a bunch (wedding registry!) and they NEVER stayed sealed. Without the ability to suction all the air out, you’re left storing your things in big old crinkly plastic bags that slide around and can’t be stacked. Give me a nice, lidded plastic box any day!