Amazon deals: Nutrition bars, gDiapers, board games

I didn’t see anything particularly interesting in today’s Amazon Friday sale, but I did notice a few other promotions you might find interesting:

25% off of a bunch of nutrition bars: Nutrition bars are my kids’ favorite in-the-car after school snack. Amazon has put a big selection of bars on sale for 25% or more. Interesting options: Can Do Kid bars and Zoe’s bars. Good time to stock up.

20% off of gDiapers refills: These diapers are actually made up of a washable diaper pant and a flushable refill. Many love them; here’s what Parenthackers have to say. Amazon is offering 20% off the refill packs with the purchase of a starter pack.

Board games on sale: The Fall chill is about to set in — does your board game stash need freshening up? Amazon’s got some classics on sale for 50-75% off.


  1. boardgamegeek says

    Too bad all the board games they put up are substandard American games. They didn’t add in any good designer or European games at all.