Amazon deal: Leatherman multitools on sale

Amazon oh-so-helpfully let me know that they’ve got a big sale on Leatherman multitools going on right now. And when Amazon says big…well, there are over 100 discounted tools and accessories on the sale page. And I know how much Parenthackers like their multitools.

So, if you’re doing a little early holiday shopping (like some people I know, like my mother in-law, who have all their gifts purchased before Halloween), a Leatherman is as sure a bet as it comes. Included in the sale is the Micra (Adrienne’s tool of choice).


  1. says

    I am all about creating simplicity in our lives. I can tell you leatherman’s are very expensive and worth every cent. Everything in one place saves time and money in the end. No more lost tools. This product is every handyman’s dream and a great gift for the right person. To get it on sale, lucky you.

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    There are some inexpensive models — the Micra is on sale for $20. But some of the fancier ones are incredibly expensive — I noticed one on sale for $400 — it usually costs over $600! For that kind of $, that thing had better fix stuff by itself.