Illustrated custom CD inserts for pre-readers


This gives you a clue about the media savviness of today’s young ‘uns. From Lauren: My five-year-old wanted us to burn some CDs for him to listen to but got very frustrated because he wouldn’t know what song was coming up next. He can’t read yet so I printed a CD insert with the song […]

Amazon deal: Leatherman multitools on sale


Amazon oh-so-helpfully let me know that they’ve got a big sale on Leatherman multitools going on right now. And when Amazon says big…well, there are over 100 discounted tools and accessories on the sale page. And I know how much Parenthackers like their multitools. So, if you’re doing a little early holiday shopping (like some […]

Tie helium balloons to kids’ bracelets rather than their wrists

Christy! What a great idea. Never would have thought of this myself. I’ve got a hack that I just discovered by accident when we were at a local festival. I thought that with county fair season approaching, parents would appreciate this. My daughter begged me to wear a bracelet to the event (community fair type […]

Parent Hacks admin: Slight email subscription change

For those of you who get your Parent Hacks delivered via email, I’ve made a change in the delivery schedule so you’ll get updates the same day the posts go up. This may result in your getting more than one email message some days, but otherwise nothing else will change. Please let me know if […]

More proof that Parenthackers are the smartest people in the world


Meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting and corn sprinkles. Intelligent, respectful, definitive rejection of the peanut allergy hack. “Companies spend a lot of money marketing junk food – it seems to be reasonable that we should combat that with our own marketing “campaign” for carrots and broccoli!” Mention of the book I Will Not Ever […]

Amazon deals: Nutrition bars, gDiapers, board games


I didn’t see anything particularly interesting in today’s Amazon Friday sale, but I did notice a few other promotions you might find interesting: 25% off of a bunch of nutrition bars: Nutrition bars are my kids’ favorite in-the-car after school snack. Amazon has put a big selection of bars on sale for 25% or more. […]

Listen to me on The “O” Myth

On Friday morning at 10AM PST, I’ll be the guest on the BlogTalkRadio show The “O” Myth. The show, hosted by professional organizers Brandie Kajino and Krista Colvin, is all about debunking organizing myths and the “perfection” misconception. I’m really looking forward to this — Krista is a friend of mine, and she’s so passionate […]