“Weight” new Diaper Champ bags with a dirty diaper

Steve, who bravely signed himself "Father of Two Still in Diapers," offers this bit of Diaper Champ optimization:

This seems almost too simple, but if I can help at least one parent, it’s worth it. [That’s the Parenthacker spirit, Steve! Bravo! — Ed.] When changing the trash bags on a Diaper Champ, wait until you have at least one diaper to put in the new bag. That way you use the weight of the diaper to get the bag to the bottom of the Diaper Champ instead of sticking your hand all the way to the bottom.

Anyone who’s been hanging around here a while knows I have an allergy to diaper pails, but I also know I’m in the minority.

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  1. Becca says

    Those things are so wasteful!! The diapers are bad enough. We reuse plastic grocery bags(also wasteful, but at least we are using them twice!!).

  2. not wasteful says

    How are these wasteful?
    All they are is big trash can with a good air tight top.

    If you are using a second plastic bag for every diaper; that’s more wasteful.

    I can get many, many diapers in my genie before I need a new refill.

    I thinking of buying the champ so I don’t have to keep buying refills. (It uses regular trash bags; I believe)

  3. sucellus says

    I just put the bag in and blow. The air forces it into all corners of the the diaper pail.

    The best thing I’ve done with it though is put a 10lb weight at the bottom. One of those flat ones that you put on the end of a dumb bell so it doesn’t really take up space. It makes it significantly easier to “turn over” the diaper dispenser.

  4. says

    I don’t get how it’s wasteful either – it’s just a garbage bag. Instead of reusing plastic grocery bags, get a reusable canvas bag and you won’t have any more bags.

    My one problem with the Champ is the stink. I got replacement parts and that helped for a while, but the smell still escapes. We use baking powder to combat this – put some in the bottom of the clean bag, then sprinkle some in once or twice while filling the bag. When we run out of baking powder it’s obvious, due to the odor.

    Oh and as for the hack, I’ve never really had a problem with getting the bag in, maybe it’s a difference in the type of bag used.

  5. Tracy says

    We had D.Genie with DD1 and I hated it. I’m very careful with my stuff and the clips that held the cutter on broke off before DD was even out of diapers (at about 22 months). So with DD2 we got a Diaper Champ. Must say it’s MUCH easier to use, a lot cheaper (as you don’t need to buy bags). We also just use grocery bags – they’re free, you’re reusing them and I find that they hold just enough to make the “stink” less powerful. I found that if using a garbage bag, you can just fit TOO many diapers in there and the stink overwelms you when you go to change it. We sprinkle a little baby powder at the bottom of each bag when we put them in the D.Champ. Only complaint is that my 1.1/2 yr old LOVES to “flip” the diaper handle and I sometimes find her trying to put clothes or toys into the flipper :)

  6. Sarah says

    For poopy diapers, I’ve found that the genie does not cut the smell. It invades the house no matter what. So we keep a small garbage can right outside our door to the garage and throw them in there and then empty before the trash pick-up each week. We use the genie for only wet diapers. This also cuts down on trash bag use because we don’t find ourselves emptying it before it’s full just because it smells so bad!

  7. Susan says

    …”We reuse plastic grocery bags”

    You can purchase cloth reusable grocery bags to reduce waste.

  8. meggiemoo says

    We use a regular stainless steel garbage can with a lid. Cuts down on plastic use, and it’s small enough that we’re forced to empty it often. To reduce smell, simply dump contents of poopy diapers (easier to do once the poop is more solid) into the toilet rather than throwing it away with the poop inside.

  9. meggiemoo says

    We use a regular stainless steel garbage can with a lid. Cuts down on plastic use, and it’s small enough that we’re forced to empty it often. To reduce smell, simply dump contents of poopy diapers (easier to do once the poop is more solid) into the toilet rather than throwing it away with the poop inside.

  10. Anonymous says

    I agree with meggiemoo — I roll the poop out of the diaper into the toilet instead of rolling it up with the diaper. It makes a HUGE difference in reducing the stink factor. As a matter of fact, when I’m able to get all the poops into the toilet instead of into the diapers, I can get away with letting the diapers sit in the DChamp for a week. (Ewwww…)

  11. DeskoFipps says

    The Diaper Genie is a cruel joke. The Diaper Champ is a bit of a lightweight – the tower is too low, the button has a lousy action, but the idea is good. We have one and while its not 100% its far better than anything else on the market.

  12. DD says

    We save empty bread and newspaper bags. Dirty diapers are wrapped tightly in a bag and placed in a small trash can outside the back door. No hassle, no smell, no cost!

  13. Shani says

    Don’t need the Diaper Champ anymore (we are all out of diapers!!!), but I used Ruffies scented kitchen bags that were in a roll. I put the entire roll of bags at the bottom of the Diaper champ (to weigh it down & for the smell). When the bag was full, I pulled it up and tied it, then tore it off the roll and opened the next bag.

    Worked like a charm and no smell! (other than vanilla scent)

  14. says


    We, at Baby Toolkit, just got rid of our diaper champ. We got the replacement parts, but the plastic seemed to absorb the smell overall and eventually gave up the ghost.

    We also got a little steel garbage can with a locking lid and have been using that with a plastic bag that we tie off inside. As our living area is on the top floor of our house, we have to keep the pail close at hand and to do that we had to find away to keep the stink in. Even though it is a locking configuration, there was still enough of a gap that the gases could escape.

    So we caulked the inside lip of the lid and the holes where the lid’s handles attached with a nice indoor/outdoor adhesive caulk and let it cure outside until it was no longer off-gassing. The lid is a little tougher to lock in place now, but it forms a tight seal and so far (fingers crossed) there is no stink problem.

    There are some nice pictures of the finished project on our site if anyone’s interested.

    It might not work for you, but for now, at least, it is working for us. The only time stink comes out is when we deal with the internal bag. Still working on that one, but it’s not too bad when the stink is gone overall.

  15. Anonymous says

    I have a Diaper Champ and I use a combination of disposable and cloth diapers. I strongly second the recommendation to dump all solid waste in the toilet for either method of diapering. That will not only eliminate most of the odor but is better for the environment. Human waste should really not be in landfills.