Salad spinner as dolly thrill ride

Kim’s hack will bring out the mad scientist in your kid:

Got one of those big salad spinners with a clear bowl and an easy-to-use spinning mechanism? Show your little tike how to put one of his favorite dolls in there and spin it around. This impromptu activity produced about a half hour of non-stop laughter with my two year-old, as he spun his stuffed animal and some play people round and round, peering at them through the bowl.

I can vouch for this hack myself. My kids have spent hours spinning various things in the salad spinner, including marbles, plastic animals, and dolls. I love my OXO salad spinner — it operates using a pump in the lid, and has a squishy rubber "brake" that is just as fun for the kids to use. The large, plastic bowl makes a great Barbie swimming pool, too.

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  1. Claire says

    Put a little soap and water in the salad spinner and let your little one go to town – bit messy but my almost 4 year old things this is hilarious.

  2. Liz says

    At my son’s pre-school they usean old one for spin art. Cut a piece of paper into a circle that fits in the bottom of the spinner, tape it down, drop a few drops of paint on it, and spin away.

    Of course, these aren’t spinners that will be used for food again!

  3. says

    Hopefully they haven’t moved on that really big salad spinner- the dryer! Fun idea and creative use for well loved kitchen gadget!

  4. says

    My son likes the spinner alone. Since about a year old he has been fascinated by making it spin and watching it, or just pushing the buttons for that matter.

  5. Grace says

    I am a nanny for two little girls, and this summer we took a bucket full of ice outside and played with them in various sized cups. One day I found the salad spinner in the cabinets and they had a BLAST making the ice melt, and dumping it out after each spin.