20 August 2008

Reuse lidded divided storage containers as lunchroom "bento boxes"

Jill in Atlanta found a way to give her lidded divided plates a new life in the lunchroom:

When my children were toddlers I used divided plates that had lids. I never used the lids and stashed them away. Recently I started to put away the plates for good and discovered the lids. I realized they were perfect for lunches. With the whole reusable, zero trash movement I'd been eyeing the fabulous bento-style boxes with lots of compartments. These are almost the same. The other day I put egg salad, some grapes and a mini croissant in one of them, tucked in an ice pack and had only one container sent to school. Less to forget, less to wash (dishwasher safe) and no cost since I already owned them.

Rubbermaid also makes Takealongs, the reusable-but-disposable containers, in divided styles. I've seen them at the grocery store, but have always managed to make do with what I've got.

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That is a great idea! I bought a few of the larger sized disposable ones (the ones that the grocery store sells filled with prepped veggies or fruit.) I have used them over and over for fresh fruit or veggies. You can have a few different types and even some dip in there. When anyone wants a snack, I pop the top and lay it on the counter. I cannot believe how many vegetables and fruit we go through.

Use them all the time for this ^-^ Usually for Hubb more than the kiddos though. Its just right for a sandwich and some side snacks or a full on meal of rice and veggies (with teriyaki meat in there too ^-~)

Perfect for picnics too especially when it comes to sandwiches, we pile up two pbjs in each with some pretzels and take off to the park. they fit on the bottom of our picnic sack with the drinks and blanket on top!

My wife, kids and I all used to use those and eventually we upgraded everyone to bento boxes from http://cookingformonkeys.com/

Isn't this what these containers are for?! I've been using these for my son's preschool lunch and they are great. It's all in one container and he can open it by himself.

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