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Hello, dear Parenthackers! It has been a long time since we checked in. I hope that you and your families are enjoying the end of summer, bittersweet as it is. Many of you are already deep in back-to-school, and many more have years before school is on the horizon. We are heading into our last full week of summer, and I’m feeling that internal tug o’war: one side is hanging onto these open, sunny days with a white-knuckle grip, and the other is longing for the return of routine and time to myself.

One of the more surprising upshots of this summer has been my rather sudden and acute Internet allergy. You may have noticed that posting has been slim over the summer, as has my presence in the comments here and around the blogosphere. It’s not because I love this community any less — it’s because I got hit with a need to plant myself back in the day-to-day world of my family, home, friends. It’s hard to explain — it’s not as if my Internet life takes me away from all of that. I do most of my writing here and elsewhere before- or after-hours. But having my feet in two “worlds” — the online and offline — can get tiring, and I needed to reduce the mental input for a while.

It has been wonderful to immerse myself in what has been going on around here — lots of little summer outings, plenty of swimming, free time at home, impromptu playdates. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still a good rest.

As part of my general summer slackery, I just noticed that the daily link roundup hasn’t posted here since early August. I have been faithfully adding the links you send me (along with stuff I happen upon myself), but for some reason, the automated posting from Delicious to Parent Hacks broke somewhere along the line. I’m adjusting the dials right now and expect to get it working again, but in the meantime, drop on by to catch up on the August linkaliciousness. For those of you who have sent me links during the last few weeks, I’m sorry they never made an appearance on the site.

We’ve got a little more than a week of summer left, after which I will enter the Promised Land known as Both Kids In School Fulltime. (My youngest starts kindergarten. I can’t believe it. Another tug o’war: “I’ve been waiting for this day forever” and “Oh my God, she’s growing up.”) I am so excited to get the kids settled into school so I can get myself settled back here, in this fantastic community. You never cease to amaze me with your great ideas and smart, generous conversation. Thank you, as always. I love being here.

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  1. says

    This will be my first year with both in school for at least part of every day (9-1 preschool M-F and 2nd grade). I was so tired of the lack of time to myself and the grocery marathons of “Can we get-” that I was counting down. Then big boy started school and little guy went to camp and I got a preview of what this year will look like. And I was lonely! Internal tug-o-war –yes.

    To make matters worse, our neighbors with little boys just moved, leaving us all feeling empty and alone and bored. No easy playmates anymore. I hate having to call to arrange play. This summer will be missed because it can’t be replicated.

  2. STL Mom says

    Asha, I love this website, but I’m happy that you’ve been able to focus more on your home life this summer. And I’m happy that you’ll have more time to work on the website when school starts.
    Good luck with everything!

  3. says

    A vacation from the Internets can be a good thing. I’ve been considering once myself. It is hard to be immersed in two worlds. Good for you for taking a break.

    It’s bittersweet when your oldest goes to kindergarten, but when your little one starts attending, then you realize how much time has passed. Enjoy your new free time. Nature abhors a vacuum (so do I!) and I’m sure you will be busier than you expect even with all the kiddos gone (plus, around here at least, there’s a holiday/institute day/early release day or someone gets sick day every time I blink).

    Enjoy this new phase. Wish I lived close enough to meet for coffee or a daytime walk!

  4. says

    Thanks Asha11I was wondering why I had traffic coming from delicious!

    My baby starts 1st grade (the first full-time year in these parts) on Tuesday, and I am feeling simultaneously excited and weepy too.

    I just keep trying to breathe deeply and put one foot in front of the other. Surely it’ll be fine after the first day or so…

    My own mother gets melancholy every year around Labor Day, so maybe it’s normal.

  5. says

    Oh, yeah, summer is over. And I’m still having the NO WAY! reaction to my second being in 1st grade, and my elder being in (GASP!) middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL!? When did that happen? AHHH!

    Fortunately I have two safely still ensconced in preschool for a couple more years, so I can still go la-la-la-la with my fingers in my ears. For a bit longer.

    (psst, I sent you an email, when you get around to it, ping me back…)

  6. carolanne says

    Hi. Mine are 3 (going into a parent participation pre school 2 days) and 6 going into 1st grade. I can’t wait until sept.2nd. I will have time to walk every day and NEVER watch sprout again!

  7. says

    I can totally relate to splitting time between two worlds (online and off). I’m glad that you got a little break and you are looking forward to having two kids in school.

    I’m trying to balance a day job, kids, my own little company and everything else so my posting has gotten a little sparse and a little less meaty as of late as well.

    Welcome back and keep up the great work!