Rub out splinters with a pumice stone

SiloDog’s splinter removal hack should come in handy during these barefoot backyard days: Next time your little ones have splinters in their hands or feet, try this: Let them soak well in the bathtub, then use a pumice stone (like you would for rough heels or elbows) to rub over the splinters in a circular […]

Cut cardboard with an electric carving knife


Ha! We should all have such smart, practical friends! From Melissa: I was given an electric carving knife as a wedding present with a note that went something like this: This is great as a carving knife, but even better for all those times you need to cut cardboard for your childrens’ projects. I have […]

For kids learning to button their own shirts, suggest they start from the bottom


Speaking of school-readiness, self-dressing is such a confidence-builder for kids and a time-saver for parents. Here’s Rabia’s simple tip: My 4-year old daughter has just recently started buttoning her own shirts. She has had some frustration with getting the buttons in the right holes, so I gave her this tip: start from the bottom and […]

The MomSpeak: Tips for camping with your baby

My next post on The MomSpeak highlights the fantastic series of family camping hacks we featured here throughout the summer: Tips for camping with your baby I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of those tips, and, in fact, am planning to pitch the tent in the backyard this weekend.

Reduce ketchup waste with single-serving cups


Alison’s thinking about ketchup conservation: At my house, one of the things I despise most is rinsing globs of ketchup off of plates after meals. The smell makes me gag, and if it has dried at all it requires a fairly intensive scrubbing before putting it in the dishwasher. Additionally, it’s wasteful. Perfectly good ketchup […]

Salad spinner as dolly thrill ride


Kim’s hack will bring out the mad scientist in your kid: Got one of those big salad spinners with a clear bowl and an easy-to-use spinning mechanism? Show your little tike how to put one of his favorite dolls in there and spin it around. This impromptu activity produced about a half hour of non-stop […]

Trip of a lifetime? Take a spare camera.

Jamie, AKA Travel Savvy Mom, suggested I file this under "lessons learned the hard way:" For reasons I don’t pretend to understand, cameras always seem to go on vacation when you’re on vacation. Not long ago (in famously photogenic Seville) I looked through my viewfinder, zoomed in on my family, pushed the shutter button, and…nothing […]

How to teach your child to tie shoes? Talk amongst yourselves.


From Susan: I need to teach my son how to tie his shoes. Does anyone know of any good shoe-tying lessons/hacks? We’ve talked about shoe-tying before, but the topic is worth revisiting as school approaches. I found these step-by-step instructions at Wondertime, but I’m sure you’ve got some clever hacks as well. What are your […]