Pack ‘n Play doubles as a play fort

Ah, the simple satisfaction of stumbling onto a parent hack. From Molly:

I just turned our Pack ‘n Play on its side, threw a large thin blanket over it and voila — instant fort. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. My babes are crawling in and out of it screeching and screaming with pleasure. Ahh, five minutes of peace. Maybe someone has already written you about this [Nope. — Ed.], but I’m feeling like a super genius right now!

As you should, Molly.

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  1. says

    I did something similar with my Pack ‘N Play. Lucian outgrew his baby activity gym and so I took off the bottom mat and attached the top part of the gym to the top of the Pack ‘N Play. Since he is learning how to stand and crawl up on things he spends a great deal of time trying to stand in the middle of the Pack ‘N Play and grab the things hanging down. I couldn’t believe that I came up with it! :)
    When he gets tired of that I am trying the fort idea.

  2. says

    My fav. fort at home is the dining room table and chairs covered with sheets. For an extra special night when my wife had to be away for a night my daughter and I had a camp out sleeping under the “fort”.

  3. Christine says

    I did this the other day, and my baby loved it! Until she pulled out the middle part (centre of pack n’ play floor) and the whole thing collapsed on her. She was not hurt, just really scared.

    So, make sure you keep the pack n’ play floor mat in it — I have mine held up with duct tape now.