Mini M&M container as portable crayon holder

Here’s how Joanne keeps crayons at the ready for outings:

We enjoy eating out, but there’s no guarantee that the restaurant will have crayons for our kids (almost 2 and 5). I try to be proactive and keep crayons in my bag, but got tired of them breaking, rolling around and generally making a mess. Then I discovered that a mini M&Ms container is perfect for holding just enough crayons to share.

Bonus: the crayons will smell like chocolate.

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  1. Susan says

    Cuuuute! I love how compact that would be too. I have so much stuff in my purse already, don’t need more bulk.

  2. Amie says

    I have been using an old Altoids tin. They hold more than the M&Ms containers, but they have the same “attached lid” feature. And the Altoids tin stays open and flat on the table so you can see what’s in there. Plus it holds the jumbo crayons, which are less likely to break in little hands.

  3. Samantha says

    “PURE GENIUS”!! How did I not see this myself. I am getting so tired of giving (never to be seen again) my pens to my daughter when the restaurants are out of crayons. I’ll be buying some mini MnMs today! This is why I love this site! Thanks!

  4. jessica says

    this is a great idea! i am about to take a flight with my 2 year old this weekend…this post was perfectly timed for me! thanks!

  5. says

    How awesome is that? I am all about being prepared at the restaurant…otherwise we need a babysitter.
    One good tip that keeps my kid occupied is bringing in a plastic cup and hiding little bites of food underneath. It amazes her everytime!

  6. Steph says

    Mini M&M cases are great for holding quarters…I kept one all through college for washing my clothes, and one went with us to the hospital for the snack machine!

  7. says

    What a great idea! I would add to this that if you use erasable crayons or the type that twist up out of a plastic shell…THEY DON’T MELT all over the inside of your purse, the glove compartment, the cupholder…oh, wait is that just me?

    Of course now I’m destined to develop a mini m&m addiction.

  8. RLR says

    I’ve used this tip (awesome!), but we now use the crayola twistables – because we, too, have had to clean blue crayon out of the mommy-van.

  9. says

    And we use old plastic bottles from vitamins to keep crayons, buttons, beads – all the tiny things children find so adorable and love to play with – it’s very handy:)