Lavender dryer bags double as natural car air freshener

Anna’s hack is pretty impressive given that SOME of us can barely keep our car clean:

A sweet smelling hack for the summertime car! The Lavender Dryer Bags from Trader Joe’s are sold as a natural alternative for dryer sheets, but I keep one in the back window of the car. The sunshine helps release the fragrance of lavender, just like in your hot dryer. Mmmmmm — makes the car smell great, especially after a road trip.

When they lose their potency in the back window, sprinkle the bag contents on the floor mats, then vacuum them up. One more hit of lavender!

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  1. says

    Now THAT’s news I can use! Our car smelt of something rotten after beach camping (even when I did the responsible mommy thing and cleaned it!)So we bought one of those tree-shaped fresheners at Target…ewww! Vanilla-lemon overkill. This sounds like a GREAT alternative and I’m gonna try it today.
    Just found your site. Mentioning it on Love it!