Immobilize the step stool with bungee cords

Kate solved the problem of the wandering stepstool!

My son’s cheap plastic stepstool was always skittering across the floor when he was trying to get onto his elevated chair at the dining table. (We have the chair up on a Kaboost) It was one of the white ones from Ikea that comes with holes on the sides, so I looped a bungee through the loops and around the base of the Kaboost. Voila! A solid and safe launching pad! It worked so well that I did the same thing with the stepstool in front of the potty. Voila again! He could maneuver himself up and down off of the seat without needing help.

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  1. MidlifeMidwife says

    Just be very careful with bungee cords. We’ve had more than one case of kids with eye injuries in our ER, when kids played with the cords, they came off, whipped around, and the hook injured them.

  2. says

    Wow…this is timely! We got back less than an hour ago from Ikea where we bought this exact stool…and we were already wondering how to let our 17 month old get up on it herself without it shifting under her.


  3. says

    YIKES, i’m with MidlifeMidwife on this one, i wouldn’t have bungee cords anywhere near my kids. Nice idea though, if you put function over risk of safety.