Home Style Guide: My (and other FM authors’) musings about house and home

Home Style Guide

Last year I wrote a series of posts for the Fall Shopping Guide, a site created under the auspices an FM/JC Penney collaboration. It was such a rip-roaring success they’ve decided to it again, and, again I’ll be contributing my decidedly practical (read: un-stylish) musings on house and home.

The new site is called the Home Style Guide, and I’m once again cavorting with a pretty stellar group of FM authors, including Liz of Cool Mom Picks, Heather of Dooce, Maggie of Mighty Goods, Natalie of Craftzine, Jean of Notcot, and Ree of The Pioneer Woman.

My first few posts are up, and I invite you on over to have a read

Livable home decor, in which I justify my motley decorating style.

Fitting “work at home” into your family life, in which I offer wisdom (much of which I’ve learned from you) about integrating home-based work into a busy family.

Stylish, versatile toy storage, in which I share a few of my favorite toy box setups.