Cool summer snack: Frozen corn

Esther’s discovered that "on the cob" isn’t the only way to enjoy summer corn:

When my son wants a snack after playing outside on a hot day I give him frozen corn (the frozen sweet corn is the best). It’s a cool, refreshing, & healthy snack. It’s also a good way to get kids to eat their veggies. I like it because it’s not messy and it’s a nice finger food. He absolutely loves it and can’t get enough of it. I even enjoy it myself!

Many Parenthackers report that their kids love to eat small fruits and vegetables still-frozen: peas, berries… anything else?

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  1. says

    What a great idea! It’s not something I’d ever thought about although I do have to admit (though I’m not sure I should) that I quite like a frozen pea or two myself!

  2. Ethel says

    We did frozen green beans also. Sadly, raspberries get bitter when frozen, but we did blueberries, and the classic peas. I hadn’t thought about corn, but it makes total sense.

  3. says

    My children eat frozen corn by the bowl full! I’ve also given them the pea and carrot combo where the carrots are cut into pea size cubes.

    Only challenge is that now they like it so much, they don’t want it warm. It gives new meaning to the term, “frozen dinner.”

  4. says

    Frozen veggies? As in, buy a bag of frozen corn kernels from the grocery store, open the bag, and pour in a bowl? I never thought of doing that! Is there any danger of chipped teeth or the like?

  5. Tracy says

    We do frozen green beans. Originally we used for my teething daughter… however we now enjoy them as a “snack” while I’m making supper. This healthy snack rates right up there with frozen grapes !!

  6. says

    I used to watch a friend’s grandchildren and they asked for “green candy” one night before bed. I wasn’t sure I was going to tell them no, but thought I would, when I asked them to show me what they meant. They went to the freezer and pulled out a bag of frozen peas! Of course you can have some green candy! (They called the corn yellow candy)

  7. Sara says

    I had a friend in college who ate frozen peas by the handful. She’d get 5 pound bags. Said her parents hated it when she did that, so when she “got out” I guess she “indulged.” Lol.

  8. Anonymous says

    That was my daughter’s dinner for six months straight when she was 1 and a half! Easy to store, easy to prepare, easy to eat, and easy on my conscience.

  9. says

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this before. Frozen veggies, hmmm. I guess being asian, we don’t do things like this.

    I did like frozen blueberries when I was young though.

  10. whitney says

    In the morning my girls always want a banana, but then will eat half and claim they are done. I hate wasting food so I chop it into pieces and freeze it. Later in the day they love frozen banana chips. It also works well to chuck into a smoothie.

  11. Rossana says

    Remember though, corn is a grain not a veggie. My kids love to eat frozen peas, they won’t have them any other way – they call them pea popsicles.