Classic hack: Reverse psychology and the toddler

Duane’s hack uses his toddler’s natural propensity for saying “no”: One for the “don’t forget the obvious” file: Reverse psychology, particularly for the 2yr olds, often works like a dream. My son is particularly vulnerable to it. Not a night goes by without this discussion: “Can you eat one more bite?” “NO!” “Ok, no more […]

Bath toys gain new life as pool toys


There’s still time and heat for the kiddie pool! Jenna’s good-sense hack: So, for all those late summer afternoons when the thrill of the kiddie pool itself has worn off…we just figured out that bath toys, especially the ones that have been forgotten INSIDE, make perfect pool toys outside. Our daughter thought they were the […]

Parent Hacks admin: Summer (mental) vacation


Hello, dear Parenthackers! It has been a long time since we checked in. I hope that you and your families are enjoying the end of summer, bittersweet as it is. Many of you are already deep in back-to-school, and many more have years before school is on the horizon. We are heading into our last […]

Clean summer toenails with a toothbrush


Susan’s colorful story about how to clean those summertime toes illustrates the importance of “The Spin” with reluctant kids: My 3-year-old daughter inherited my family’s World Famous Wonky Toenails, which means that even diligent clipping doesn’t eliminate all those deep deep little crooks and crannies where summertime dirt holes up against the evils of soap […]

Basic manners: why have they changed so drastically? Talk amongst yourselves.

Tipnut passed along this link yesterday; basic etiquette lassons from the 1950’s: 12 Rules of Etiquette For Children: Timeless Wisdom Collection I was thoroughly shocked. Both by how old-fashioned some of the suggestions seemed (asking children to rise when an elder enters the room), and by how little most of today’s little ones are taught […]

Amazon Family DVD sale: tons of good stuff


We’re movie people. As a matter of fact, my kids are watching Star Wars as I write this, and I feel perfectly happy about the good-and-evil lessons they’re learning (while I ogle Han Solo). If you’re a movie person, too, you’ll appreciate the range of titles Amazon is featuring in its huge Family Fun DVD […]

Pack ‘n Play doubles as a play fort

Ah, the simple satisfaction of stumbling onto a parent hack. From Molly: I just turned our Pack ‘n Play on its side, threw a large thin blanket over it and voila — instant fort. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. My babes are crawling in and out of it screeching and screaming […]