Turn down undersink shutoff valves to save water during sink play

From Mason:

Whenever I let my son play in the sink, I crank down the shutoff valves under the sink. This saves water and, more importantly, prevents the water from getting too hot.

I usually put a fixed amount of water in the sink (faucets off completely). But this is a great compromise for kids who want a little running water.

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  1. John E. says

    Actually, that is not the best idea. Those valves under the sink are not intended to restrict water flow, they are either supposed to be fully open or fully closed.

    The reason being, is the rubber washer will be worn down by the water flow and the washer for the stem won’t seal correctly.

  2. Anonymous says

    This is a great way to let your child play with the water and NOT the faucets. If I let mine play with a sink of water, they ALWAYS want to turn the water on. It never occurred to me to shut the valves off! Yes, though, I would turn them of completely instead of partially.