The MomSpeak: How to get top resale dollars for your kids’ outgrown clothes

The MomSpeak

Bargain-consciousness has always been a core value here at Parent Hacks — after all, becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean buying into the crazy gear/toy commercial machine. Hey, we’ve got an entire archive devoted to saving money. So, when FM asked if I’d like to contribute bargain-savvy hacks to a new site, I was happy to participate.

The result: The MomSpeak. FM and Luvs worked together to create this site, and I’ll be posting money-saving ideas there for the next couple months.

Three other lovely FM Parenting authors will be posting there (all of whom I happen to know and love): Liz of Cool Mom Picks, Amy of Mommy Track’d, and Stacey of Savvy Source.

My first post is up, just in time to encourage you to think about back-to-school clothes shopping:

Get top resale dollars for your kids’ outgrown clothes

Some of my tips will be inspired by past hacks, but I’d love to hear your requests in the comments! Also, I’ve found Twitter to be a wonderful way to bounce ideas around as I write these (and other) posts. If you’d like to jump into the conversation, follow me @parenthacks.


  1. Kate's Mom says

    Congrats on getting this new project started. It looks like a fun site — I’ll check it often.

  2. says

    Great idea! I’m sure there will be no lack of brilliant contributions, I don’t know of a parent that doesn’t have a trick up their sleeves for saving money.